:: Manic Wednesday ::

:: Well, it's turned out to be a beautiful Fall day here in Vancouver, I wouldn't have guessed it when I pulled out my {super cute} rain boots {that I just had to have!} ::

:: But by the time I was driving home today from picking up JJ from school, the sun was shining and has been ever since then. Made my cold that I woke up with this morning a little more tolerable ::

:: So this afternoon while the littlest boy napped we've played play foam, then the little man requested that he play with play dough and was saying he needed the "original play dough" - Ha! Then we coloured and counted, then we decided that one of the three cans of chick peas in our cupboards could be used for baking these delicious cookies ::

:: Now I've got a chicken roasting, here's to hoping it has enough time to roast before we need to eat it. I'm just finishing up a load of laundry and then I'm out the door to a PAC meeting ::

:: It's been a good day, and that sunshine sure made my day a little brighter! ::

:: Here's to the weekend being here sooner than later, and my cold being gone by then too! ::

~ The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double edged sword, it penetrates even dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12 ~


:: Hawaii - O'ahu - Part 2 ::

:: On one of our last days we decided to take a catamaran ride right off Waikiki Beach ::

:: On one of our first days I had overheard a lady talk the man down from $20/person to $20 for a family of 4 -- I thought if we could swing it for $20 we would be in! ::

:: Paul went and spoke to Ezra {the guy that runs the boat} and he said he could swing us the same deal. So within two hours we were on the boat enjoying a water view of Waikiki Beach ::

:: See I was there ::

:: Poor Mr. JJ and his forced smile! ::

:: The boys hanging on the net ::

:: The sails full and pulling us along ::

:: Coley just taking it all in ::

:: This is our favorite spot to sit on Waikiki Beach, so it was fun to see it from a different point of view ::

:: We had a such a great time on our 1.5 hour ride on the boat. The boys loved the boat and are now asking us to take them on a cruise - Ha Ha Ha! ::

:: Such great memories made, just looking at the photos gives me warm fuzzies all over - we're so blessed! ::

:: Hope y'all have a great Monday --- I've got a full plate today, so hopefully I'll be back to update you on some fun events we did before we went away! ::

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