:: Hawaii - O'ahu - Part 2 ::

:: On one of our last days we decided to take a catamaran ride right off Waikiki Beach ::

:: On one of our first days I had overheard a lady talk the man down from $20/person to $20 for a family of 4 -- I thought if we could swing it for $20 we would be in! ::

:: Paul went and spoke to Ezra {the guy that runs the boat} and he said he could swing us the same deal. So within two hours we were on the boat enjoying a water view of Waikiki Beach ::

:: See I was there ::

:: Poor Mr. JJ and his forced smile! ::

:: The boys hanging on the net ::

:: The sails full and pulling us along ::

:: Coley just taking it all in ::

:: This is our favorite spot to sit on Waikiki Beach, so it was fun to see it from a different point of view ::

:: We had a such a great time on our 1.5 hour ride on the boat. The boys loved the boat and are now asking us to take them on a cruise - Ha Ha Ha! ::

:: Such great memories made, just looking at the photos gives me warm fuzzies all over - we're so blessed! ::

:: Hope y'all have a great Monday --- I've got a full plate today, so hopefully I'll be back to update you on some fun events we did before we went away! ::


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trip Shawna!! So happy for you all! xx

Lisa B. said...

Looks beautiful! What great family memories for all four of you.

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