| Pallet Art // A Christmas Gift |

For Christmas the Mr. and I are supposed to only do $100 stockings {or something that may not fit in the stocking but within the $100 range}.  

 I don't often obey this rule, especially since this year my SIL found me an amazing steal of a deal on a paddle board for $550.  There are exceptions to every rule especially when it's going to be a "family" activity. 

My Mr. did in fact stay rather close to the $100 limit.  But he did something that warms my heart more than anything purchased.  He made me a monogram pallet.   

Now let me say this, he LOVES pallets.  Maybe as much as he loves me {okay, maybe he loves me a little more}.  When he sees a pallet behind his office with cool distressing or markings, he throws it in the back of his little white BMW, all whilst wearing a suite and comes home to proudly show me his *ahem* kill per say. 

I seriously dislike "stuff" however I married a man who sees something out of nothing {does this say something about me!?!}, especially when it comes to pallets.  We've done a huge pallet wall in the boys bedroom as well as pallet book shelves for them, he's made me a gas fire pit in the back yard out of pallets and now the monogram {I have a very unhealthy love for all things monogrammed}.  

I love the art that comes out of the pallets but hate the process of them being stacked at the side of the house to be "seasoned".  LOL! 

At any rate, this beauty has found the perfect home in our main hall from the main entrance {to the left of the pallet} to the mudroom {to the right of the pallet} as well as visible from the kitchen {past the staircase straight ahead of the pallet}.  I have to say other than the flowers that he gave me on Christmas morning, I couldn't love any gift more!

Happy Monday...anybody need any pallets ;-) 


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