:: Jennifer's Bridal Shower ::

:: Last night I hosted my SIL's Bridal Shower - There was a great group of ladies, My MiL, the MoH Toby, my Mom, Jennifer's Nanny, a friend of the family Maria, Jennifer's cousin Vicki and a friend from Vancouver Kristin. The night was filled with warmth, love, thoughtful gifts for the bride and lots and lots of chatting! Thanks for a great night ladies! ::
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:: Congratulations on your impending wedding Jennifer ~ Can't wait! ::


:: Soon ::

And very soon....I will update my blog.

I have a few things I want to write about but between one wedding and another shower mixed with life in between I haven't been able to get on here to blog about my daily happenings!

But I promise I've got some good junk to post so it will happen after I finish up this shower tonight for my SIL.

Plus I NEED to post another belly shot!

Later, *Shawna


"Busyness feeds the ego but starves the inner person. It fills the calendar but fractures a family. It cultivates a program but plows under priorities."

~ Chuck's insight to Haggai 1:9 ~

:: I stole this from Kristin's blog...I thought it was a very good quote ~ Thanks Kris (& Chuck)! ::

:: VW Show ::

:: Every year Paul and I attend a VW Show in Coquitlam...it's a great show and always has great cars & this year was no different! ::

:: However in the 8 years we have been going we have never had bad weather, this year was the exception; it was raining buckets, but that didn't stop us from having a great time! ::

:: Here are the pictures from our day ::

:: Lisa & Reuben's Wedding ::

:: On Friday August 17th Lisa & Reuben tied the knot - It was a fabulous day (perfect in every way) from the weather to the flowers to the dresses and of course the love between the blushing bride and teary groom ~ Here are some pictures from the day, I couldn't choose which pictures to post so I did collages...click on the collage to see a closer shot ::

:: These shots are from the brides room at the church, just prior to us walking down the isle :: :: Ceremony Shots :: :: Wedding Party Photo Shoot ::
:: Girls Photo Shoot ::
:: Mr & Mrs. Kramer ::
:: Reception Shots ::
:: Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. ~ May your days be filled with plenty ::
Some of these collages you can't see that well so check out this link to the photo's on my facebook page:

:: Lisa's Lingerie Shower ::

:: Last Wednesday night (just 2 days before her wedding) there was a lingerie shower for Lisa, it was a great time with lots of food, laughing (okay giggling) and beautiful pieces of lingerie for the bride :: :: Thank you for hosting such a great night Katrina ~ You did a fabulous job! ::

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