:: My Day ::

:: So Monday was one of those days that you wake up and feel inspired to clean, now yes, I love to clean but waking up feeling like I WANT to clean is a whole different story. Because along with wanting to clean comes editing out the old junk, dropping it off at the Sally Anne and trying to get it done all before the "keeper" of the two of us arrives home! ::

:: This plan went terribly wrong just a few minutes into it, here's how it went ::

:: Jacob opened the not so hard to get into gummy vitamins and fed a trillion to his brother and himself ::

:: Any organizing I had completed in the basement over the weekend Jacob & Cole completely destroyed ::

:: I folded the laundry three times {same load}, Jacob unfolded it three times, the last a final time he "unfolded" it, he had thrown all of the 5 large white bath towels into a full bathtub ::

:: One of the kids threw the battery operated Thomas the Train in the full bathtub as well. Awesome ::

:: While I was dealing the one of the messes above, the boys decided to take apart and scale the linen closet to see how much they could destroy {well maybe not, but it felt like it} and thought it would be fun to see the whole closet on the ground ::

:: I don't know what else went wrong that day as I have tried to permanently erase it from my memory bank, but it was a doozy! ::

:: So when I left for my night out to watch the Bachelor, Paul even said; "come home if you want to, but don't feel like you have too" ~ I looked THAT good when he came home to see me in the same outfit, disheveled hair & mascara run under eyes from the night before. nice ::

:: It was all around a HORRIBLE day - I couldn't get a grip on anything and everything seemed to get bad in a real quick way! ::

:: One positive note to the day was I was able to re-organize my linen closet! Ha! ::

{ No kids were harmed in the process of the day - which I might add is a complete miracle! }


:: and the winner is... ::

:: BABES IN BOY LAND - Candice ::

:: Congrat's Candice -- email me your details and I'll send your prize out to you! ::
:: Honorable mentions: "Cute in the Act", "Snuggle Trouble" & "Diaper Dudes" ::

:: Thanks for playing ladies! ::

xo :: *Shawna { & Paul too - he was the judge ;) }

:: Contest Winner...TBA ::

:: Okay Peeps -- Since y'all missed the deadline and are entering in some pretty good titles for the picture of my baby boys...I've extended the deadline to tonight @ 6:00pm ::

:: See what you win below, it's some pretty great swag! ::
:: Here's the original post - you can write your entry on this post or on the original one...all entries will be included until 6:00 pm tonight and then there will be a random {no names} choosing of what one we {the hubs and I} like best ::

:: Ps. You girls not local, make sure you enter the contest too...I'll ship it to you, wherever you are! ::

xo :: *S

:: These shoes are made for??? ::

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:: The Bachelor - The Final Rose ::

:: Well last night was a hum-dinger - Oh, yeah! ::

:: To say that I didn't know it was coming would be a lie, but still it was a shock and a half! ::

:: Jason went through all the motions and had a really tough decision to make - Molly or Melissa? ::

:: Dumbo DeAnna showed up not to necessarily take his hand back but to give him advice to choose with his head not with his heart. She went with her heart and ended up alone aka: if I would have chosen you I wouldn't be alone. She also said that she went with the "fun" guy not the "stable" guy {Jason} and that was a mistake ::

:: I think this sealed the deal for Jason, he knew Molly was the "fun" girl and that "Melissa" was more ready for commitment and being a Mom...however his family said that they could SEE and it was VISIBLE that Molly truly loved him ::

:: He was really in such a difficult situation, he loved both girls ::

:: However I think he did take DeAnna's advice, he chose the one that was more settled and down to earth, and apparently that was a mistake. Why would he listen to his ex-girlfriends opinion over his families?!?! They obviously saw something between Molly & Jason that we couldn't didn't see ::

:: So here comes the bride, er I mean rose and Molly is turned away. She says immediately "I just don't get it" and then proceeds with "you are going to regret this" then "she's not right for you" and then "I'm sad for you, your going to end up alone" and the final punch again "you are going to regret this" ::

:: Then comes the sweet beautiful Melissa in butter yellow....oh she was stunning. She couldn't believe it, and she was right she shouldn't have believed it. He said, "will you marry me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and she said yes, but before that she give a little happy-scream-dance. She was adorable and they truly loved each other, and he couldn't wait to say I love you. It really was a great moment ::

:: Then it went south real bad, they aired the "after the final rose ceremony" - Jason was not happy, he seemed torn. Life after the rose wasn't so rosey ::

:: He & Melissa had spent the holidays together {Christmas} and gone away on a few trips together and the "chemistry" just wasn't there. Now I understand this, up until then..it was a reality show, not REAL life::

:: However, he said forever, she said yes. That is what he signed up for ::

:: She knew that it wasn't going well when she entered the set for the "after the final rose ceremony" but she wore her ring anyway. Things were not as they seemed. With everything that Jason said she came back and fought him. She did good. She wasn't sorry for herself and let her words be few. He shouldn't have done it on national telly but apparently that was in the deal, if you weren't together you had to say it at the very last taping ::

:: She left broken {duh} and gobsmacked. Now enters Molly ::

:: Molly gets dragged over the coals by Chris, he asks pointed questions like "do you still love Jason" and she answers honestly and says yes. Then he asks if she would want to get back together with Jason, she says I dream about that every night & that her feelings have not changed since the day she left New Zealand ::

:: Enters Jason and he looks incredibly happy and nervous, even Molly asks if he's nervous. Chris asks Jason what is new and Jason explains what just happened with Melissa and that he made a mistake that fateful day in New Zealand. Molly must have thought that she was being tricked, she kept on looking over at Chris with nothing to say except W-H-A-T ?!?! ::

:: Jason asked for another chance and wanted to know if they could go out for coffee and see where things go --- She was still in shock but then said yes ::

:: They were already touching...and then they kissed ::

:: Now understand that it had been at least 4 weeks since he last saw Melissa, but still PDA seemed a little pre-emptive since he JUST officially broke up with his fiancee! ::

:: I hope it works for them, but again, it's not reality. And that's what Melissa kept on saying. You said forever and she said yes, and because it's not all that you thought it would be you decide to break it off. Humph ::

:: I won't be surprised when Jason & Molly break up, but I hope that they can make it work. Doubtful though. I'm just glad my girl Jillian got out while she did. She is worth way more than second place ::

:: How would you feel if you were Molly? ::

:: Oh and if that wasn't good enough, they have a second part to "after the final rose ceremony" tonight. Seriously ::

{ We watched a late night talk show after we finished watching the shows last night and Jason was on the show. He says that they (Molly & him) are truly SO happy. Good cause this may be your last chance Jason, as I think you've worn out your welcome with every other girl in North America! }



:: Brotherly Love - A Contest ::

:: Okay Peeps -- Here's my very first contest....just for the heck of it! ::

:: Name that Photo - Come up with the best name for this photo and you win, that's it....Me and my DH will be the deciding factor on who wins ::

:: Contest closes on Tuesday morning @ 9:00 am ::

:: Now go and name that photo! ::

xo :: S

:: This Weekend ::

:: We spent this last weekend enjoying lots of time with family ::

:: Us girls had breakfast together with the babies while the boys went out to the Men's Breakfast ::

:: I got lots of hugs and kisses in from this blue eyed beauty from the Island ::
:: We celebrated my brother Jordan's birthday {he got a new IPOD - Lucky Boy} ::
:: Most of us enjoyed this ::
:: Happy Birthday Jord - Hope you had a great time! ::

:: T&C it was great to have you over here this weekend look forward to seeing y'all again soon! ::

xo :: Shawna

:: Beautiful Baby ::

:: I grabbed this shot of my baby on Friday after he woke from his nap ::

:: But what you don't know is that he had stripped himself down to his diaper while he was "napping" and so I ran to get my camera and capture the little undressed boy ::

:: Isn't he sweet?!?! ::
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