:: The Bachelor - The Final Rose ::

:: Well last night was a hum-dinger - Oh, yeah! ::

:: To say that I didn't know it was coming would be a lie, but still it was a shock and a half! ::

:: Jason went through all the motions and had a really tough decision to make - Molly or Melissa? ::

:: Dumbo DeAnna showed up not to necessarily take his hand back but to give him advice to choose with his head not with his heart. She went with her heart and ended up alone aka: if I would have chosen you I wouldn't be alone. She also said that she went with the "fun" guy not the "stable" guy {Jason} and that was a mistake ::

:: I think this sealed the deal for Jason, he knew Molly was the "fun" girl and that "Melissa" was more ready for commitment and being a Mom...however his family said that they could SEE and it was VISIBLE that Molly truly loved him ::

:: He was really in such a difficult situation, he loved both girls ::

:: However I think he did take DeAnna's advice, he chose the one that was more settled and down to earth, and apparently that was a mistake. Why would he listen to his ex-girlfriends opinion over his families?!?! They obviously saw something between Molly & Jason that we couldn't didn't see ::

:: So here comes the bride, er I mean rose and Molly is turned away. She says immediately "I just don't get it" and then proceeds with "you are going to regret this" then "she's not right for you" and then "I'm sad for you, your going to end up alone" and the final punch again "you are going to regret this" ::

:: Then comes the sweet beautiful Melissa in butter yellow....oh she was stunning. She couldn't believe it, and she was right she shouldn't have believed it. He said, "will you marry me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and she said yes, but before that she give a little happy-scream-dance. She was adorable and they truly loved each other, and he couldn't wait to say I love you. It really was a great moment ::

:: Then it went south real bad, they aired the "after the final rose ceremony" - Jason was not happy, he seemed torn. Life after the rose wasn't so rosey ::

:: He & Melissa had spent the holidays together {Christmas} and gone away on a few trips together and the "chemistry" just wasn't there. Now I understand this, up until then..it was a reality show, not REAL life::

:: However, he said forever, she said yes. That is what he signed up for ::

:: She knew that it wasn't going well when she entered the set for the "after the final rose ceremony" but she wore her ring anyway. Things were not as they seemed. With everything that Jason said she came back and fought him. She did good. She wasn't sorry for herself and let her words be few. He shouldn't have done it on national telly but apparently that was in the deal, if you weren't together you had to say it at the very last taping ::

:: She left broken {duh} and gobsmacked. Now enters Molly ::

:: Molly gets dragged over the coals by Chris, he asks pointed questions like "do you still love Jason" and she answers honestly and says yes. Then he asks if she would want to get back together with Jason, she says I dream about that every night & that her feelings have not changed since the day she left New Zealand ::

:: Enters Jason and he looks incredibly happy and nervous, even Molly asks if he's nervous. Chris asks Jason what is new and Jason explains what just happened with Melissa and that he made a mistake that fateful day in New Zealand. Molly must have thought that she was being tricked, she kept on looking over at Chris with nothing to say except W-H-A-T ?!?! ::

:: Jason asked for another chance and wanted to know if they could go out for coffee and see where things go --- She was still in shock but then said yes ::

:: They were already touching...and then they kissed ::

:: Now understand that it had been at least 4 weeks since he last saw Melissa, but still PDA seemed a little pre-emptive since he JUST officially broke up with his fiancee! ::

:: I hope it works for them, but again, it's not reality. And that's what Melissa kept on saying. You said forever and she said yes, and because it's not all that you thought it would be you decide to break it off. Humph ::

:: I won't be surprised when Jason & Molly break up, but I hope that they can make it work. Doubtful though. I'm just glad my girl Jillian got out while she did. She is worth way more than second place ::

:: How would you feel if you were Molly? ::

:: Oh and if that wasn't good enough, they have a second part to "after the final rose ceremony" tonight. Seriously ::

{ We watched a late night talk show after we finished watching the shows last night and Jason was on the show. He says that they (Molly & him) are truly SO happy. Good cause this may be your last chance Jason, as I think you've worn out your welcome with every other girl in North America! }


Nadine said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I was not happy with Mr. Jason last night, I couldn't go to sleep after the show! HAHA I'm just happy that Jillian didn't have to go through that, although, I'm sure she's going to be the next Bachelorette.

I think Melissa handled herself so well. I wouldn't have been able to sit there as calmly as she did, even though you could tell that she wasn't all that calm.

I didn't like the fact that the PDA's started so quickly, have some respect for your ex-fiance that just walked out of the building. Oh well, that's just my thoughts.

Tonights show is supposed to be more relaxed and they announce the next Bachelorette.

Thanks for all your updates, Shawna. It may seem silly to have all us so involved with this silly show but it's created some intersting conversation. : )

Christa Janzen said...

I have to admit, I couldn't WAIT to get on the computer this morning to read your blog! *grin* I think this is really sad. I feel the worst for Ty- where is he in all this? I was proud of Melissa. Saying basically that he wasn't willing to "fight for Melissa." Its so typical of the world. Hence, divorce. When the going gets tough, when the "chemistry isn't there" we NEED to FIGHT for our relationships and marriage. Yes, I do realize this is a TV show, but isn't it sad how the world portrays relationships "If it takes work, it isn't working and its not worth it." I hope that for TY'S sake and stabability that Jason and Molly make it work.

Lisa B. said...

Great recap...I totally agree with all your thoughts!
I find it disgusting that he had to break up with her on TV - they could have done it in private and then announced it on the show - at least that would have given Melissa a bit of time to regroup. But all in all I think she held her own and as for the nasty "B" word she called him - I think women around the country cheered in agreement!!!!

As for the instant PDA with J & M - totally ridiculous, and tacky. Hopefully the grass is greener on the other side :-) Or Molly will be heartbroken again in no time.

I read a couple "spoiler" web-sites and one article by Chris Harrison (the host) and the show we saw last night was taped in January. Tonight's show will be recent.

From what I read, and what we're all hoping for, is that Jillian is the next Bachelorette - whoo hoot! Has anyone heard where she buys her cloths? Her dresses are so stinken cute!!!

The show is not reality even though it's tagged as reality TV....in reality you don't fall in love with two people at a time, and I think if Jason had such a dramatic reaction to sending Molly home he should have NOT proposed to Melissa but instead committed to making a go of it IN REALITY!

Okay, I could keep rambling, but I'll stop!

Joanne said...

I read on a 'spoiler' site that Jason was dating Molly on the weekends that he was not with Melissa...I don't know but that might explain alot. Drama, drama, drama...better in their life than in ours!

Laura said...

Oh so many thoughts!

Overall, I'm on the same page with you ladies. It was tacky, the way it all happened. I don't think Melissa was too surprised though, she wasn't warm to Jason when she came on the set. But still hard for that to happen on national TV! All for the ratings. I totally agree that what she said was right - you don't propose and say all those things and then not even try to make it work. And his thoughts of Molly aren't "real" either, so it's very likely that the same thing will happen now to him and Molly.

He should have never proposed at all, I think he got caught up in the moment, or felt the pressure... or it was all staged.

Okay, kissing Molly was totally inappropriate... and right after saying he didn't want to jump into anything! But I guess they're all somewhat used to kissing multiple people within days/hours of each other. Nice.

I can't help but be excited if Jillian is officially announced as the Bachelorette... she's awesome. And definitely has cute clothes! :)

Shawna said...

I think, being as he came on National TV that he didn't go around and date Molly when he was with Melissa.

I think he was trying and he couldn't ignore his feelings for Molly. Not that it excuses anything!

I too hope for Ty's sake that it works with Molly & Jason.

And yes, I can't wait to hear that Jillian is the next bachelorette...she's fabby!

Nadine said...

I did a little research on Miss Jillian, she lives in Vancouver and designs for Brown's Social House and Pinky's Steakhouse (same owners). She is a fabulous dresser!

Jessi said...

I'll keep this short because I have to meet someone in a few minutes...but after last night and everything that happened...I have to say that I don't have the same level of respect for Jason as I did throughout the entire season. He kept saying that "in that moment" I loved you...well Jason, as much as we need to LIVE in the moment, loving is an everyday thing...good and bad, hard and easy. I hope that you learn that not everything in life is passionate and new and amazing. I feel heartbroken for Melissa, actually couldn't sleep because of it. They all just need a big dose of JESUS!

Tawn said...

Ok. Here's my thing ... I didn't know anything prior to watching the show - and I was mighty shocked. Not that he chose Melissa, but that he backed out. As far as I'm concerned, he has lost all credibility ... his words mean nothing. How can Molly possibly trust anything he says?? And kissing him 20min after he breaks up with his FIANCE??? The woman he said he LOVED and wanted to be with FOREVER.

I was pleased that Melissa at least said a few things on her mind ... made him look like a the fool that he is. Not because he chose her, but because he is spineless and a wimp.

Makes me sick. This is not a love story - this is not the "happy ending" for Molly and Jason ... it is exactly what is wrong with our world. The mere fact that he kept saying that he wished he could control his emotions, is the lamest thing ever. COME ON PEOPLE. This is the standard that people have come up with ... do what FEELS right. Don't live with regrets.

And as for Molly ... sincerely pathetic. She should have gotten up, walked out and reminded him that he PROPOSED to someone else. He had his chance ... and had the esteem to not be someone's 2nd choice.

All I know is that I've seen him say "I love you" to 2 women, get on his knee, propose ... and now he's onto someone else ... all in a year.

How can this be anything but shameful?

Amanda said...

I was shocked, to say the least.

When he turned down Molly, we all screamed in delight! They looked so happy and IN LOVE! Well, at least Melissa did. She was head-over-heals for him. And I believe she still is.

"Argh" is all I can say about the whole result of the show. Seriously, what a waste of a season. It's like last season when the Bachelor didn't choose anyone. That's how I feel about this one. As much as we all 'hope' it works out for Jason and Molly, it probably won't and in the end he won't have 'chosen' anyone....WASTE of a season!

However, I WILL be watching the 2nd half of 'After the Final Rose' and see what is really up with Jason and Molly. Do you think that Melissa will show up?? Oh, that would be so hard. I am not sure that I could.

ANYWAYS, Jillian will make the BEST Bachelorette! She DESERVES to find love and I hope that it works out for her. And yes, she does design for Brown's. She did the WG and Bellingham one at the same time. I know the builder of the B one and he had meetings with her. Says she really is a nice girl. All the Best Jill.

Shawna said...

My Response to Tawn's blog

"He is human; we strive to be like Christ.

We cannot expect him to make decisions with his head...not his h e a d.

If our world all really did have Christ in their hearts and minds we would live differently.

He doesn't have Christ thus his actions are those of a human trying to survive in a world where disappointment is around every corner.

He was disappointed and didn't feel it was wrong to re-nag on his promise. Tis sad but why should we expect anything less.

As the social acceptance of our world digress' we {as Christians} will become more obvious in our choices and thus we will be magnified to the world. Or so I hope we do. I don't want to be watered down, I want to be concentrated!"

susan said...

What an ending!

I have lost respect for Jason, and it's sad - he has a son for goodness sake, what kind of example is he for Ty? So if one day his son is having relationship issues Jason's advice will be to bail?? Nice.

I was sad for Melissa especially when she said that he took the "will you marry me" moment from her - because it was that precious to her, she only wanted that moment once and can never get it back.

As much as I LOVE Jilian and will likely watch her season, I almost want more for her than this fake way to find a spouse - they don't work out. (except for Trista & what's his face...fireman dude.) So once out of how many seasons? I think there is a better way...like perhaps in REAL life? My first date with my hubby was pretty spectacular but real life isn't mansions, helicopters, limos & exotic places. I don't want to lose respect for Jillian...she's a "real" kind of girl, I hope she can keep it that way on the show.

Ahhh...mindless TV, it's so addicting!

Laura said...

I guess I'm alone in saying I'm happy he's with Molly. I thought all along that Melissa was fabulous but not right for him. He did say that she was just like girls he'd dated in the past and his ex-wife - doesn't that say something??? Deanna was right when she told him to choose with is head, Molly is definitely a better fit for him but he couldn't see past the physical chemistry he had with Melissa - he is a guy you know! It sucks that it all had to be done on TV, but I think we should give the guy a break for at least being honest and not making a divorcee out of Melissa and instead ending a relationship that wasn't right. How come we're so hard on this bachelor when almost all of the other bachelors have proposed and none of them are still with the same girls! I think we all need to remember that we only see what they choose to put on the TV and that the people who run TV are out for money and ratings, not caring too much about human hearts. I'm sure much more went on behind the scenes and in the past six weeks than any of us realize.

Candice said...

Okay ladies, it sounds like you're all fired up about last night. I agree that he should have been more wise and not broken up with Melissa on camera, BUT it was probably in his contract and let's face it...it all seemed rather "scripted". I mean, while Melissa said that she was "shocked", she sure was able to pull herself together and handle it well...even at the age of 25 ! SERIOUSLY !
I would also just like to say that even though I really don't think he's going to find true love with Molly, I admire the fact that he was able to realize he and Melissa weren't going to work out. Doesn't matter that he put a ring on her finger and said he wanted to be with her forever. You have up until you say "I do" to back out and if you don't feel it's right, then that's what you SHOULD do !
Anyway, I enjoy playing the devils advocate, but this time, I completely agree with his decision, just not the way he did it even though he had no choice about that either :)

Shawna said...

Candice: there are so many ways you can look at this and I don't completely blame him and I don't think that it was right that he had to officially break up with Melissa on TV but that's what he HAD to do {as per the show}.

And even though it wasn't nice & it was hurtful, you are right, he didn't go and marry her then turn around and back out, at least he knew it didn't "feel" right to him.

But it's also hard because Melissa feels that he took that promise that she felt should only happen once in a lifetime away from her. I agree with her to a degree, but that was also what she said in the heat of the moment and feeling very hurt and rejected.

Crystal said...

yeh, I am going to have to be a loner on the other side of the fence as well right now..except for Laura, whoever you are, I am going to have to agree with you:) I thought Molly from the start..and didn't really think jason was the most amazing guy either..sweet but he's weak and lost, so I wasn't suprised at all about his decision. I think If I remember correctly when Melissa walked on to the stage she didn't have the ring on, I think it was just in her hand..she knew what was coming. I don't think she was caught off guard. And if she really was, well that is horrible, but come on, you sign up to be on a show that's called the bachelor, that has been going for seven years, and out of like 16 couples only one survived??? Not a very good success rate. Its amazing how the producers have made this so appetizing to everyone and sucked everyone in to the drama. I am sure melissa is a sweet girl, but I also think there is/was a lot going on that we don't know about. I feel bad for Molly, everyone is being really harsh towards her..and what did she do? so she was still in love with someone and wanted to not walk away..do you blame her...is everyone telling me that you have never done something crazy for love??? whether right or wrong, they are human, not christians, caught up in emotions...and have we forgot..on tv?????

Shawna said...

Crystal: I don't think Molly did anything wrong, I just feel bad that she's getting second place, when in the first place he should have chosen her.

But DeAnna was placed in New Zealand to throw him a curve ball and that's what she did. She told him to go with the settled one...and that one to him was Melissa.

This wasn't fair because if his brothers were to have walked in there just before the final rose ceremony he would have been swayed to go with Molly.

I don't think Molly is bad or has poor taste for being with him, I just wish that she got first pick not second.

Crystal said...

I totally agree with you Shawna:)

Kristin said...

Thoughts from a girl who only watched the finale:
1) Even watching it, knowing nothing about the previous episodes, I kept wondering "why doesn't he marry both cuz he obviously isn't committed to either.
2) Why didn't he go the 'promise ring' route rather than the lavish I love you crap he was spewing.
3) How flawed is that guy's character? And why on earth is he on his 2nd or 3rd engagement after only being divorced 2 years....he's obviously got stuff to work through yet.
4) What is the legacy he is teaching his son about the disposible nature of "love" and relationships and women?!
5) And my new thought: Shame on him and shame on his family for this messy choice he made/was encouraged to partake in for the whole world to see.

This is why I don't watch "reality" tv, too stressful! ;-)

Rachel said...

From another girl who only watched the finale this season I completely agree with everything Kristin said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason you are an arse!

Shawna said...

Rach: you crack me up, those are some powerful words!

You made me laugh out loud!

Kori said...

Did anyone watch apprentice on Sunday night?
The face the Jessie James made after eating the 'ass' flavoured cupcake is exactley how I felt when I saw Jason talk WAY TOO SMOOTHLY!!! ICK!

I agree with Nadine. Glad he didn't take our Canadian to the end!

Meg Baxter said...

Hey Shawna - not really a comment but I saw this recipe and thought of you (and the rest of these Bachelor-crazy girls!): http://penniesonaplatter.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/the-final-rose/

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