:: My Day ::

:: So Monday was one of those days that you wake up and feel inspired to clean, now yes, I love to clean but waking up feeling like I WANT to clean is a whole different story. Because along with wanting to clean comes editing out the old junk, dropping it off at the Sally Anne and trying to get it done all before the "keeper" of the two of us arrives home! ::

:: This plan went terribly wrong just a few minutes into it, here's how it went ::

:: Jacob opened the not so hard to get into gummy vitamins and fed a trillion to his brother and himself ::

:: Any organizing I had completed in the basement over the weekend Jacob & Cole completely destroyed ::

:: I folded the laundry three times {same load}, Jacob unfolded it three times, the last a final time he "unfolded" it, he had thrown all of the 5 large white bath towels into a full bathtub ::

:: One of the kids threw the battery operated Thomas the Train in the full bathtub as well. Awesome ::

:: While I was dealing the one of the messes above, the boys decided to take apart and scale the linen closet to see how much they could destroy {well maybe not, but it felt like it} and thought it would be fun to see the whole closet on the ground ::

:: I don't know what else went wrong that day as I have tried to permanently erase it from my memory bank, but it was a doozy! ::

:: So when I left for my night out to watch the Bachelor, Paul even said; "come home if you want to, but don't feel like you have too" ~ I looked THAT good when he came home to see me in the same outfit, disheveled hair & mascara run under eyes from the night before. nice ::

:: It was all around a HORRIBLE day - I couldn't get a grip on anything and everything seemed to get bad in a real quick way! ::

:: One positive note to the day was I was able to re-organize my linen closet! Ha! ::

{ No kids were harmed in the process of the day - which I might add is a complete miracle! }


The Samy's said...

What I have to look forward too ;) Thanks for sharing your not so perfect day, and I sure hope that you enjoyed your night out, well deserved!

Meg Baxter said...

I love it when moms keep it real. :) Today is a new day!

Cathy said...

Thank goodness for a fresh start! I am sure today will be beautiful! xo

Jenn VH said...

All I can say is, WOW! That is a doozy of a day! (((hugs))) and wishes that today will be better!
;o) Jenn

Laura said...

Gotta love BOYS!! :) Paul's comment is too cute - how sweet he is to be so understanding!
Well, you looked cute that night, and now that I know more details of your day I'm SO glad you had some dessert - you definitely deserved it! :)

Jason and Kristin said...

Wow...I'm sorry - that is quite the day! Oh, the joys of boys!! Thanks for sharing...its always nice to hear the real "mom" days! Hope today was way better!

susan said...

Our Monday was a doozy as well. As horrible as this might sound, it's kind of nice to know there are other moms out there having the occasional crappy day too.


Kristin said...

Oh Girlie. [sigh]

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