:: Shoes :: Shoes :: Shoes ::

Yesterday in the midst of shopping for last minute items for Christmas I thought I would run by the shoe department in Wal-Mart. And when to my surprise these little beauties were sitting on the "clearance" cart!

And before I knew it they had jumped from the clearance cart into my hands and they kept me company all the way to the check out. Where to my delight they were on sale for $9.00!

Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to meeeee, Merry Christmas to me!

Thank you Lord for great deals!

Check out Kristin's blog for her great shoe deal - I hope she's posted it :)

:: Santa came to Guildford and his helper was a dork ::

Okay, so last night we trek out to Guildford, not that it is a super long way to go - but Paul had been at work all day and I had been out gallivanting through the mall, costco & various other stores to accomplish my to-do list and was quite frankly DONE! But we had said that Friday night we were going to take Jacob to Guildford and have his picture with Santa.

So off we go, I was in The Gap having them check my prices on some items that we had purchased a few weeks ago and so I sent Paul down to line up for Santa because on the website for the mall it said to get there a half hour prior to Santa closing to ensure you get your picture with Santa.

So Paul arrives at Santa around 7:25 - give or take a few minutes. I meet him there about 7:40 - when Santa's helper comes around to our side of the line and states (at 7:47) that Santa will not get to see us tonight. Now she doesn't say anything sweet to say and doesn't even encourage us to come back she says this "You may as well leave as you won't see Santa tonight, the cut of is right there behind that man" okay fair enough - you have to have a cut off but have you not seen us standing here for 25 minutes? So to that she says "well it takes a half hour for the people that are on the red carpet to get to Santa so you won't see him tonight" - Okay Mrs. Claus we get it, but why the heck didn't' you tell us that at 7:30 when the last people got onto the red carpet! She was not Santa's helper at all!

I was trying to reason with her, because she let 2 sets of kids go in to see Santa after 8:00 - Lady if you are going to stand your ground with us and say that Santa needs to leave at 8:00 on the dot than at least don't let anyone else sit with Santa after 8:00!!!

I guess we will try to go back to visit the dreaded Mrs. Claus sometime next week but not because we want to but because I love the way this Santa looks, he's sweet and tender not the fake smile but a real genuine sweet spirit.

I was so choked, but I didn't let it ruin our evening - we continued on and did some other running around that we needed to do...So wait with baited breath for Jacob's picture with Santa...It will happen before Christmas!


:: White Christmas, What are you hoping for? ::

:: Jacob truly enjoyed a better portion of the production - it was past his bedtime but he was entranced with the music and the dancers - here he is sitting on my lap enjoying the show ::

:: On Sunday night we took Paul's Grandparents, Mum & Dad, Brother & Mum's friend Rita, to the production at our church - It was written and directed by Ben Wylie and I thought he did a good job. There were a few things that could have gone smoother or been more refined but I think for his first production he did really well. My favorite part of the production was the ballerina's lead by Natalie Heard....that girl has amazing poise and never ending arms
and legs ~ She is just stunning! ::

:: Our Little Jacob-Deer ::

:: My Mom & Dad bought Jacob this little outfit, now if you know anything about me it's that I don't like patterns or figures on kids clothes...I just think it's dorky! But for some reason I think this outfit is so cute...maybe it's because the riendeer isn't a cartoon character!?!?! At any rate, I had to take pictures of my little "Jacob-Deer" ::


:: The Holiday ::

:: Last night Lisa & I went to see the movie "The Holiday" ~ the commercials for the movie looked really cute and indeed it was really cute :: Cameron Diaz is stunning and whoever did the wardrobe for the movie did a wonderful job on her outfits :: Jude Law was super in his shy-english boy way, however the make-up gal must have lost the original foundation she was using on him, because about 3/4 of the way through the movie his tan started to fade :) :: Kate Winslett performed beautifully and she was also stunning, but she definitely wasn't the star of the show :: Jack Black played a really sweet, sincere role -
which I thought suited him perfectly! ::
I will give the movie 3 1/2 stars!!!

:: Wish List ::

I don't need anything for Christmas -- however if I were to get a few gifts these would be on my **wish list**
The coats are from Old Navy and the boots are from Aldo (they are called Juditha). Sorry I couldn't get the picture any bigger - the website wouldn't let me :)

:: Busy ::

Life is busy :: I don't like seeing my life passing me by, and yet another year has come and is about to go and it's just a busy as it ever was, if not busier!

I enjoy little "snipit's" of time with my friends but it seems that you hold your breath as if to not let the moment pass you by...I just wish our lifestyle would go in slow motion even if it's just over the holidays. Everything seems so rushed and busy...

I want to breathe in life...but there doesn't seem to be enough time!
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