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Yesterday in the midst of shopping for last minute items for Christmas I thought I would run by the shoe department in Wal-Mart. And when to my surprise these little beauties were sitting on the "clearance" cart!

And before I knew it they had jumped from the clearance cart into my hands and they kept me company all the way to the check out. Where to my delight they were on sale for $9.00!

Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to meeeee, Merry Christmas to me!

Thank you Lord for great deals!

Check out Kristin's blog for her great shoe deal - I hope she's posted it :)


Amanda said...

WOW! those are great shoes Shawna!
I have to ask...is your fancy-white-backdrop the toilet? I always wondered but I think I may have figured it out! Good work my friend! Good work!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the compliment on the shoes, as for the back drop - it is the free Ikea chair that I got from the show-home sale we went to back in Nov.

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