:: The Holiday ::

:: Last night Lisa & I went to see the movie "The Holiday" ~ the commercials for the movie looked really cute and indeed it was really cute :: Cameron Diaz is stunning and whoever did the wardrobe for the movie did a wonderful job on her outfits :: Jude Law was super in his shy-english boy way, however the make-up gal must have lost the original foundation she was using on him, because about 3/4 of the way through the movie his tan started to fade :) :: Kate Winslett performed beautifully and she was also stunning, but she definitely wasn't the star of the show :: Jack Black played a really sweet, sincere role -
which I thought suited him perfectly! ::
I will give the movie 3 1/2 stars!!!


Amanda said...

Crystal, Laura and I just went and saw the movie last night! I really enjoyed it - it was "The Family Stone" of last year! I agree, Cameron was definitely the star of the show. It was a great cast!

Canadian Kristin said...

Will put it on my "must view" list!!!

Lisa B. said...

This is on my "to-do" list when we are in Ontario for the holidays. Gotta take advantage of Grandma & Grandpa's built in babysitting service as it only happens a couple times a year.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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