:: A few pictures ::

:: We were visiting with Matt & Lisa the other night and the kids were being so cute I couldn't resist but take their picture :) ::
:: Cute Couple Eh!?!!? ::
:: Mommy, Me & Lamby ::
:: Me & my two friends Lamby & Jacob ::
:: When Daddy Got home - Jacob went crazy trying to get to him and then turned around to ensure that I was also going to greet Daddy ::

:: ...to my eyeballs ::

I am here - I'm just in the office doing office things. Since we are going away in the first part of March and March is when taxes are due; I am busy preparing all of our statements for our accountant - Ugh, not a fun task. But it must be done so that we get some sort of return from the government!
So here I am, up to my eyeballs in paper, reciepts and government forms! Wish me luck :)


:: Devotions ::

Look in the scroll of the Lord and read.
~ Isaiah 34:16
I once heard a preacher say,
"Your children may not be reading their Bibles regularly, but you can bet they are reading you."
Ugh! I sure hope they weren't reading me the other day when that lady took my parking spot at Wal-Mart.
Just an interesting tid-bit from my daily devotional:
Daily Wisdom for Mothers
by Michelle Medlock Adams

:: Down ::

- 2.2


:: Our sweet little {big} boy ::

:: Here are some snap-shots I took of Jacob just before we headed out to the store the other day ~ I just can't believe that my little boy is begining to become such a {BIG} boy - We love you Jacob ::

:: Bounc-e-Bounc-e-Bounce ::

:: Thanks to Kristin for letting us borrow her jolly jumper - Jacob is now a professional "bouncy-boy" ~ He wasn't too sure of it at first, but now it can entertain him for hours (P.T.L)! ::

:: More of the US of A ::

:: I took this picture as we were zooming through the area between Lynden & Bellingham ~ It was such a beautiful day! ::
:: Detour through Blaine ::
:: On our way home the sun was setting and it looked amazing ~ So we took a detour and headed to the shoreline to see if I could catch the last little bit of the sun,
here are the pictures to prove it :) ::

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