:: Our sweet little {big} boy ::

:: Here are some snap-shots I took of Jacob just before we headed out to the store the other day ~ I just can't believe that my little boy is begining to become such a {BIG} boy - We love you Jacob ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Every time I see this kid I think, "Can he get any cuter?"...and then he DOES!!!!! Give Jacob a big cuddle from me today!

Amanda said...

I love the outfit form his Grammie. So cute! He is definitely a hat baby! Adorable!

Candice said...

Jacob is the ONLY white baby I know that suits a white hat. Oh, and how do you keep it so stark white???

Lisa B. said...

We love this boy!!! He is so delicious.

We'd approve if either of our girls wanted to marry him. Haa haa
(It's never to early to plan!)

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