:: A few pictures ::

:: We were visiting with Matt & Lisa the other night and the kids were being so cute I couldn't resist but take their picture :) ::
:: Cute Couple Eh!?!!? ::
:: Mommy, Me & Lamby ::
:: Me & my two friends Lamby & Jacob ::
:: When Daddy Got home - Jacob went crazy trying to get to him and then turned around to ensure that I was also going to greet Daddy ::


madelyne baker said...

auntie shawna!!! yaah, i'm so excited to be in your computer.

i love jacob - he's my favorite.

can i come to your house soon?

Canadian Kristin said...

Super cute kids you girls have!!!

Amanda said...

Lisa, Madelyne is so cute! You need to start a blog so I ca see more pictures of both your girls!

Shawna, Jacob has a big choice alrady! He is in the middle of 2 little girls! Does he want older or younger I wonder! Ha ha!

Jessi said...

Where the heck are you??? I thought that you might have gone to Palm Springs, but realized that that is next month, so what happened? Hope everything is ok. Love, Jessi

Phil & Nickie said...

No post in nearly 2 weeks? Where are you Ms. Blogging Queen?

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