:: Still hanging on... ::

:: As usual, we have been busy ~ With what, you say….well a little bit of everything! ::

:: Jacob and I came down with a really bad chest cold that knocked us off our feet for a few days last week. Yet during that time we got the “bee in our bonnet” to look into getting a new house. This leads to talking to the bank and having long conversations about money (yuk). ::

:: At the end of last week, I was helping out set up for a couples date night at church so on Friday for most of the day Lisa. B & I were setting up in church. We got home just in time to grab something to eat, get ready, pack the kid up and send him off with Grammie and then head back to the church to finish the last minute things. The night was a great success and we had a ton of fun…it was a lot of work but tons of fun!!! ::

:: A couple weeks ago we had Madelyne for the evening and so we took a few pics of her and Jacob enjoying bath-time and then Madelyne with her curlers in for church :: :: Our friends Kevin & Steph, who we have gotten to know through Paul’s work, lent us the most fabulous ‘baby-jail’ for Jacob….It is such a blessing ~ we can just plunk him in there and he plays, bounces and watches his favourite shows ~ Thanks again K & S ::
:: Here is a picture of our cutie-pie on his 8 month birthday ::
:: More to come... ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Funny, just today I thought, "I wonder if Jacob likes the exersaucer"....I coulda lent you ours!
LOVE the tub photos!!!
Glad you are over that nasty cold!!!
The couples' thing sounds like it was fun!!!

Candice said...

AAAH, the teething world. Gotta love it. Braeden is getting literally ALL his teeth at once (beginner, molars, eye teeth). The poor little guy has little white bumps throughout his WHOLE mouth.

I have to admit that both my boys have slept really well when teething. They rarely wake up through the night for that. I think Braeden went to bed at 7:15pm and woke up at noon today..what's with that?!?!

Candice said...

Oh yeah, LOVE the curlers!! Reminds me of bath night on saturdays and then our hair would get done in either braids or curlers for church. AAAHHHH! The good old days hey??

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