:: We're getting there ::

:: Well, ever since we have put our house up for sale and purchased the new one (at least on paper). I have been crazy trying to "stage" our home for anyone who wants to look at it. I want it to look the best so the future buyers see the great house that it is...at least for someone just wanting to get into the market! ::
:: So last night we went through Jacobs bedroom and took the 3/4 bed out and re-arranged everything. I think it looks really comfortable now, before it was too squishy but now it's just perfect! ::
:: I also organized our closets, did a deep clean throughout our bedroom and washroom - here is our bedroom all ready to be viewed ::
:: Thank you all for you congratulations - We are really excited and can't wait to sell this place and move on...we are already looking into new appliances for our new place. God has been so good ~ Why do we expect anything less from Him!?!?! ::
:: Well I better go and finish up the main floor so we can pack all the extra stuff and get it over to the storage locker aka. the parents basement :) ::
:: I'll post more pic's once everything esle is in it's place :) ::


Kristin said...

Wow.....what a busy girl you've been! The house looks awesome! I can just see those pics on the MLS and they will sell your house for sure!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Wow....very nice! It looks like a page from a magazine!

Keri's Collage... said...

I LOVE your trunk! Where did you find such a thing??

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