:: Milestones Cont'... ::

:: Now this may not be a milestone in your books, but it is in ours…We finally got a new COMPUTER!!!! We have had our old computer probably for 10 years (at least) as Paul had it way before I was ever in the picture. Over the years Paul’s Dad (much more handy on computers than both of us put together) has updated our memory and programs. But it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So when Paul’s folks asked us what we wanted for Christmas we knew that a computer was it! And now we have it! It is a “E-Machine” by HP – it is a 2006 model so we got it for a killer price from Costco with a 2 year warranty. It is super speedy and we can’t even hear if it is on or not! It is such a blessing. Jordan came over the other day and set it all up for us and transferred all of our files {thanks again Jord} and so we are up and running! You can’t get something new and not make it a nice home so today I cleaned up the office and re-arranged everything to accommodate our newest member of the family! ::
:: Office Before - Can you see the 2 computers on the desk :) ::
:: Office After ::

:: That is it for now...We are taking care of Faith & Haden tonight so it may be a pizza night out our house...too bad I can't have any! ::
:: Ps. I was down 1.2 lbs last week - I won't be weighing in until Thursday this week, so I'll update then ~ Wish me luck! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Snazzy computer! And what a great job you did on the office!!!!!

Lisa B. said...

Great job!
Glad to hear you're back in the land of the living (aka: internet and computer working!).

Love the black and white print storage boxes - where did you find those?

Shawna said...

Ikea - yes gotta love it for all of the cute printed cardboard boxes! Super cheap and they are actually dark brown and white...it just looks better than plain old cardboard!

Thanks for the compliments ladies :)

Candice said...

I was wondering where the happy blogger had gone. It's a little difficult to post without a computer. Looks like the same one we have.

Good job on the organizing. Wanna come over and help me with mine? I have good intentions, it's the follow through that is lacking sometimes :)

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