:: Do you know how much I LOVE Target...not necessarily Target the actual store, but their online store -- more specifically their clearance section ::
:: I need, okay maybe need is a stretch - but I wanted a new black purse for this winter that would accommodate the extra little necessities of life with 2 kidlets and so last week I hopped onto www.target.com to see what they had in their clearance section and this is what I found ::

:: It cost me a whole $8.74 and with tax, shipping & handling it came to just shy of $14.00 - such a deal! ::
:: Actually you may recognize it from an earlier post this summer, because I have the exact same one in white - but my thought is if you like it, it works for you, then get it in every colour...okay maybe not every colour but black and white will do just fine to get me through the seasons! ::
:: A big THANK YOU to Jord & Linds for picking it up from Hagens for me! ::


:: What to do? ::

:: I have multiple things on my to-do list, but I only have energy for one of them...so which one do I do? ::

:: Make a homemade dinner ::
:: Go for a walk with Jacob ::
:: Iron the second panel for the family room ::
:: ah, heck why don't I do what every SAHM does...sit on my butt and stare at the tv...that IS what we do as SAHM's right!?!?!? Ha Ha Ha - of course I'm kidding! ::

:: FYI - I had my 40 week check up today as I'm 40 weeks on Sunday and the doctor said everything is good and I am well on my way to having this baby. I am over 2 cm dilated, soft and quite effaced. She is planning on "stripping my membranes" on Monday and she thinks that doing this will induce labour. Which would be very different to Jacob. If this doesn't induce labour then on my 41st week they will start the induction process but not until then ::

:: So I will keep my legs crossed and you can pray that I don't burst until Monday night after my parents arrive home from Red Deer ::
:: So I leave you with a self-portrait of me and my bun as of last Saturday (39 weeks) - I will try and get another one taken this weekend and for comparison! ::


:: Far too fast ::

:: This morning on our way out to Abbotsford, Jacob had his phone (an old cell phone of ours) and he was holding up to his ear when he said ever so clearly "HI DADA" now I had heard this before but thought it was pure coincidence. However this morning it was not, he was thinking that he was on the phone with Daddy ~ The unfortunate part was that Paul wasn't there to witness it ::
:: So later on in the afternoon Paul calls to say hello and I put the phone to Jacob's ear and tell him to say hello and by gosh, what does he say "HI DADA" - I couldn't believe it (it's really not that amazing but Jacob never does things on demand, so it was pretty darn cute)! ::
:: Just goes to show how our little boy is growing up, he's even getting phone manners down! Time just goes too fast! :: :: this photo was taken last Saturday night at our Fall Festival @ Matt & Lisa's ::

:: Focus on the Family ::

:: This morning on my drive back from taking my parents Abbotsford Airport I was listening to Focus on the Family on Praise 106.5 ::

:: They had a broadcast on "Once a Month Cooking" - I had actually never heard of this, but I do often make extras and freeze 'em for another day -- Which I guess is the same thing...however the ladies that wrote the recipe book have given you time tested great family recipes that are sure to make your house smell like a home when you cook 'em up! ::

:: They have some sample recipes on the Focus on the Family website --- I think I'm going to try and do up some of these recipes this weekend and get them packed away for once this baby arrives ::

Cooking for a Busy Family 1
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Wouldn't it be nice if you only had to cook once a month, but your family could still eat a delicious, homemade meal every day? Learn how you can make that happen! In a discussion based on their book Once a Month Cooking, Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg explain how you can prepare a month's worth of meals in just one day. Mimi and Mary Beth prepare actual meals while they discuss the time-saving benefits of following their Once-a-Month Cooking system."[Our book] gives you an assembly order and tells you step by step how you're going to put these dishes together." - Mary Beth Lagerborg

:: Hope this helps you out...just fyi: the cookbook is only $13.00 on the Focus website ::


:: Nursery ::

:: Here are some pictures of the nursery - I know it probably looks really girlie, but it's not -- I think it's just because all the colours are neutral and the drapes are a bit more feminine. But a boy would suit it just fine! ::
:: I bought the drapes from JYSK months ago for this room and just got them up last week. I love them. I think I paid $9 a panel...not too bad eh!??! ::
:: The change table/dresser was mine when I was growing up, which was handed down to me from my Aunt & Uncle (including 70's wallpaper lining the drawers) - It was originally a dark wood colour but when we were expecting Jacob we painted it :: :: I don't know if you can see the lamp, but it is a porcelain figurine of Jesus with lambs, it is so darling and the perfect little lamp for a nursery. Jacob got it as a gift from my Grandma Rosie last year for Christmas - So sweet! ::
:: Baby No. 2's Ultrasound picture...we did this for Jacob and have done the same with this baby. Now I need to get a new frame for Jacob's ultrasound in his big-boy room ::
:: This is a cute little coat hook that my parent's bought for Jacob when he was dedicated, but I love the way it looks with the white furniture so it's getting passed down to this little one ::
:: Here is one last picture of our car seat - it has been sitting in our entrance way for about a week now and it is still empty, it was full with a beautiful little boy named Cooper not too long ago but now he's outgrown it so it's just waiting for our little bundle to warm it again! ::

:: Warm 'n Cozy ::

:: The drapes are up! And I love 'em ~ It took me a while to get used to having something on either side of the door but they have grown on me and I love being able to close out the world at night! ::
:: Here are a few before and a few after pic's ~ the night we put them up we thought that there wasn't enough substance to them due to the window being so large, so my parents ended up buying us another set as a gift (you know those "just because" gifts....gotta love it!). So thank you Mom & Dad ::

:: I have yet to put up the second panel but hopefully I will get them pressed and hung today ::

...just so I can change my profile pic

I have to post this pic so I can put it as my new profile pic --- please bear with me!
And thanks to Trev & Christy for the photo - it's a rarity that we actually get us all smiling!


:: Baby No. 2 ::

Here is an update of our little bun ~ Friday I had my typical Dr. apt and she said the heart beat was 140 (which is low in comparison to Jacob's) and that the head was NOT engaged but that this is typical for second pregnancies.

I asked her to check me so she did and she said that nothing had changed since last week, so I'm still 1 cm dilated and not effaced in any way.

I'm not worried about this - yes I have moment's of "get this baby out of my _____" but that soon passes and I am again thankful that this little one doesn't need to be carried, rocked, changed or fed for there will be many days to enjoy that stage as well.

I am still holding fast to this being a November baby and that is okay -- Paul and I are both November babies and I don't think we turned out too shabby ;)

As of today I had multiple...and I'm talking multiple strangers (not just strangers but MALE strangers) walk up to me or comment to me about my lovely bun. No I am not smuggling a pumpkin, no I didn't just over eat, no this is not pre-menstral bloating...but thanks for asking! :)

I feel that I'm a good sport and even though I want to say to everyone that asks the typical "how are you feeling?" with the sorry-your-so-big-puppy-eyes, I feel fat...how else do you think I feel??? I don't (except to some very special individuals who know me far too well!). I am feeling good - big, yes, yes on the big but what do you expect when I have an 8lb child encased in my midsection!?!?

At any rate this baby could rear it's little head at anytime, we just pray it doesn't from Wednesday to Monday as my parents are away in Red Deer at that time, and we both want them to be here for the birth. So pray to that end, that nothing happens until the 29th - or in the next 24 hours (YIKES!).

I have finished up the nursery and again it is just waiting for the little life to come and fill it with it's final touches.

So now it's just on to waiting...
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