:: Baby No. 2 ::

Here is an update of our little bun ~ Friday I had my typical Dr. apt and she said the heart beat was 140 (which is low in comparison to Jacob's) and that the head was NOT engaged but that this is typical for second pregnancies.

I asked her to check me so she did and she said that nothing had changed since last week, so I'm still 1 cm dilated and not effaced in any way.

I'm not worried about this - yes I have moment's of "get this baby out of my _____" but that soon passes and I am again thankful that this little one doesn't need to be carried, rocked, changed or fed for there will be many days to enjoy that stage as well.

I am still holding fast to this being a November baby and that is okay -- Paul and I are both November babies and I don't think we turned out too shabby ;)

As of today I had multiple...and I'm talking multiple strangers (not just strangers but MALE strangers) walk up to me or comment to me about my lovely bun. No I am not smuggling a pumpkin, no I didn't just over eat, no this is not pre-menstral bloating...but thanks for asking! :)

I feel that I'm a good sport and even though I want to say to everyone that asks the typical "how are you feeling?" with the sorry-your-so-big-puppy-eyes, I feel fat...how else do you think I feel??? I don't (except to some very special individuals who know me far too well!). I am feeling good - big, yes, yes on the big but what do you expect when I have an 8lb child encased in my midsection!?!?

At any rate this baby could rear it's little head at anytime, we just pray it doesn't from Wednesday to Monday as my parents are away in Red Deer at that time, and we both want them to be here for the birth. So pray to that end, that nothing happens until the 29th - or in the next 24 hours (YIKES!).

I have finished up the nursery and again it is just waiting for the little life to come and fill it with it's final touches.

So now it's just on to waiting...

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Laura said...

OOOOOHH I feel for you! I have all my babies late late late! Here's hoping that little one makes it's appearance soon, and that you are feeling good in the waiting.

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