:: Focus on the Family ::

:: This morning on my drive back from taking my parents Abbotsford Airport I was listening to Focus on the Family on Praise 106.5 ::

:: They had a broadcast on "Once a Month Cooking" - I had actually never heard of this, but I do often make extras and freeze 'em for another day -- Which I guess is the same thing...however the ladies that wrote the recipe book have given you time tested great family recipes that are sure to make your house smell like a home when you cook 'em up! ::

:: They have some sample recipes on the Focus on the Family website --- I think I'm going to try and do up some of these recipes this weekend and get them packed away for once this baby arrives ::

Cooking for a Busy Family 1
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Wouldn't it be nice if you only had to cook once a month, but your family could still eat a delicious, homemade meal every day? Learn how you can make that happen! In a discussion based on their book Once a Month Cooking, Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg explain how you can prepare a month's worth of meals in just one day. Mimi and Mary Beth prepare actual meals while they discuss the time-saving benefits of following their Once-a-Month Cooking system."[Our book] gives you an assembly order and tells you step by step how you're going to put these dishes together." - Mary Beth Lagerborg

:: Hope this helps you out...just fyi: the cookbook is only $13.00 on the Focus website ::


Jessi said...

Hey, it is a great idea, my mom was pretty much religious about doing this when I was growing up. It's fun too! I usually cook on a cold Sunday...all day! You'd be amazed at how useful they are, especially after baby arrives!

Meghan Baxter said...

Hey Shawna - it's actually available from Focus Canada for $11.99...check it out here: http://bookstore.fotf.ca/default.aspx?prodid=P00738B

Meghan Baxter said...

Oops - there's also this awesome Canadian (Alberta) company: The Big Cook (http://www.thebigcook.com/)

Jennifer and Michael said...

Nice - this looks totally helpful! I'll give a few of the recipes a try since I love slow-cooker recipes.

Hey - now that I am off work, want to get together (I can come over) and do some test kitchen fun? I have ALL day to do this and thought why not with my SIL? ;)

Canadian Kristin said...

I would LOVE to get together with a friend and spend a day laying up a freezer full of meals.........

Lisa B. said...

I'm totally in as well...sounds like there are a few of us ready to give this a go!

Let's make it happen.

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