:: What to do? ::

:: I have multiple things on my to-do list, but I only have energy for one of them...so which one do I do? ::

:: Make a homemade dinner ::
:: Go for a walk with Jacob ::
:: Iron the second panel for the family room ::
:: ah, heck why don't I do what every SAHM does...sit on my butt and stare at the tv...that IS what we do as SAHM's right!?!?!? Ha Ha Ha - of course I'm kidding! ::

:: FYI - I had my 40 week check up today as I'm 40 weeks on Sunday and the doctor said everything is good and I am well on my way to having this baby. I am over 2 cm dilated, soft and quite effaced. She is planning on "stripping my membranes" on Monday and she thinks that doing this will induce labour. Which would be very different to Jacob. If this doesn't induce labour then on my 41st week they will start the induction process but not until then ::

:: So I will keep my legs crossed and you can pray that I don't burst until Monday night after my parents arrive home from Red Deer ::
:: So I leave you with a self-portrait of me and my bun as of last Saturday (39 weeks) - I will try and get another one taken this weekend and for comparison! ::


Keri's Collage... said...

What an adorable little bun you have :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Sorry, Chickie, you look far too fab to be ready to pop that baby out..... HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?! Just always look so Hot!?!?!

Don'tcha wish your Momma was hot like Jacob's, don'tcha?! ;-)

Christy said...

Hey Shawna,
Hopefully your doin good... Haha
We hope to see you next weekend.
Love Trev and Christy

Shawna said...

Thanks Kris -- You're too sweet!

I've got a new updated picture and since I have nothing better to do I will update ya'll with a new photo of the bun ;)

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