:: Far too fast ::

:: This morning on our way out to Abbotsford, Jacob had his phone (an old cell phone of ours) and he was holding up to his ear when he said ever so clearly "HI DADA" now I had heard this before but thought it was pure coincidence. However this morning it was not, he was thinking that he was on the phone with Daddy ~ The unfortunate part was that Paul wasn't there to witness it ::
:: So later on in the afternoon Paul calls to say hello and I put the phone to Jacob's ear and tell him to say hello and by gosh, what does he say "HI DADA" - I couldn't believe it (it's really not that amazing but Jacob never does things on demand, so it was pretty darn cute)! ::
:: Just goes to show how our little boy is growing up, he's even getting phone manners down! Time just goes too fast! :: :: this photo was taken last Saturday night at our Fall Festival @ Matt & Lisa's ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

TOO CUTE!!! Love it when they start imaginating things and acting them out...that's SO FUN to watch!!! ....soon he'll be 'nursing' a teddy bear while you nurse that soon-to-arrive baby! ;-)

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