:: Just Quickly ::

:: So on facebook, there was this thing going around to post your profile picture of a famous person you have been told you look like ::

:: It's called Doppelgänger week ::

:: Source: Kelly Pickler ::

:: So I posted Kelly Pickler in my profile picture....not sure I agree with everyone's comments that I look like her, but she sure is beautiful so I'll take it as a compliment! ::

:: Have a great evening...soon I'm off to bed! ::

:: XO, *Shawna ::


:: Family First - The Winner ::

:: Remember last week when I had this contest I was hosting? Well, I totally forgot to post a winner! ::
:: So here ya go, the winner (as chosen from random org) is ::
Kristin Chandra said...

This post made me smile :) With 3 girls in my house i'm not sure that i'll ever have egg hockey played in my kitchen!!! Would love a copy of the book! Any help with how to parent well is always welcome!!!

10:04 AM

:: YaY Kristin, email me your address and I'll drop your copy of Family First off at your place ::


:: Powder Room Art ::

:: So here is the finished product of the powder room art. It turned out wonderfully {in my opinion} ::

:: I would still like to put a smaller mat closer into the news papers in a light grey, but I forgot to get them while I was at WalMart today! Duh! ::

:: So what do you think? I think it turned out just beautifully, my Marm thinks it's kinda morbid having the death of a past president plastered on our walls, but it's different for me because I didn't live through it...do you think it's morbid? Even if you do, I still think it's cool! Hahahah ::

:: On a completely unrelated note, I'm posting this under yesterdays date so that I can keep up with a personal challenge I have to post once a day for the month of February {in hopes that I can catch up on the end of 2009 and all the stuff I missed posting about} ::

:: Have a great day y'all and I'll be back on here today at some point between cupcake baking, laundry and the weekly house clean... ::


:: Ed's 'No Number' Birthday ::

:: This past weekend we enjoyed a night out celebrating our friend Ed's 'No Number' birthday -- the party was at there house and was a surprise ::

:: We were to be there by 7.15pm as it was a SURPRISE, but someone {no names mentioned} made us late...grrr! Anyway, we were walking up to the house at precisely 7.15pm when a white car pulled up behind us, Mr. L thought quickly and pulled us into the neighbours driveway and we pretended like we were walking to their house. We then waited for the surprise to go down and then joined the party. Ed said immediately, was that you walking up the street? I recognized the back of your head, nice, and then he thought that's kinda dumb, why would Shawna be walking up our street?!?!? The he thought how great is that our neighbours never go for walks...they just fight - HAHHAHAH!!! ::

:: Here's Trista & her only sibling Tanya - now they both have a little girl each ::

:: Here is Grammie with the little grand girlies watching a movie ::

:: Papa with one of the grand girlies, watching the white elephant gift opening ::
:: Trista {master party planner} getting the beautiful cake ready to present to Ed, she had days of planning all this behind his back, including baking the cake ::

:: Happy Birthday Mr. Ed - So glad we could celebrate your day with you..and glad it turned out to be a surprise! ::


:: Stacie & Ty - She said Y E S ::

:: Back in January, Paul and I had the pleasure of attending our friends Stacie & Tyler's Engagement Celebration in the Big City ::

:: We had a great time meeting Stacie's family {who lives on the Island} and catching up with our friends --- it was a lovely event with delish food, fabulous friends and hilarious entertainment, oh, there wasn't any entertainment, that was
just the boys -- HA! ::

:: After the party we all headed out to Shabusen for a bite of dinner; it was AMAZING food, worth every penny of downtown dining! ::

:: Congratulations Stacie & Ty, we can't wait to celebrate with you in the upcoming months. Stacie, we have all waited for Tyler's bride to come along and we're so glad that he's chosen you! ::

:: Thanks also to M&L for taking our kids for the day...we truly appreciate it! ::

XO, *Shawna ::


:: So much, and yet so little ::

:: Hey Lovelies, I have SO much to post but such little time; so I choose to post from most important to least..hahaha! ::

:: So it's Monday night and I hunkered in, folded laundry, matched up socks, organized my lingerie drawer and indulged in 'The Bachelor' ::

:: I thought it would be most appropriate to post these newly released photographs of last seasons Bachelorette, Jillian with her chosen beau, Ed -- this was their engagement shoot up in Kelowna near the end of Christmas vacation ::

:: The photos were taken by Wedded Bliss Photography :::: I found the photos here ::

:: There is some serious cute factor in these photos,
just so nice to see! ::

:: Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did -- I'll try to post something about our wonderfully crazy life we lead...Happy February 1st, did it catch anyone else off guard?!?!! ::
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