:: So much, and yet so little ::

:: Hey Lovelies, I have SO much to post but such little time; so I choose to post from most important to least..hahaha! ::

:: So it's Monday night and I hunkered in, folded laundry, matched up socks, organized my lingerie drawer and indulged in 'The Bachelor' ::

:: I thought it would be most appropriate to post these newly released photographs of last seasons Bachelorette, Jillian with her chosen beau, Ed -- this was their engagement shoot up in Kelowna near the end of Christmas vacation ::

:: The photos were taken by Wedded Bliss Photography :::: I found the photos here ::

:: There is some serious cute factor in these photos,
just so nice to see! ::

:: Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did -- I'll try to post something about our wonderfully crazy life we lead...Happy February 1st, did it catch anyone else off guard?!?!! ::


jamiedelaine said...

GAH. Oh my gosh. Those are cute. But I'm super jealous of that photographer. Imagine the inquiries she's going to get: it'll be huge for her.

Cathy said...

Happy February Shawna!

I don't follow the Batchelor at all, but I do know I LOVE those images of them. Awesome.

Thank you for sharing them, and I totally agree with what Jamie said!!

Nadine said...

Those are great photos! Any thoughts on last night's show?

Happy February, did you hear we're going to get six more weeks of winter. My question, did we even get winter this year?

Laura said...

Those photos are TOO cute!! They look happy and I hope they are! What girl doesn't love a fairy-tale ending :)

Angela B. said...

I am glad that some people have fairy-tale endings. Too bad I am not one of them.

Tawn said...

Ok. Good thing I don't know where they are when they're in town. I'd be in jail for stalking, pretty sure.

And the photos. Good thing they're just average *yah RIGHT!!*.

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