:: Powder Room - Re-re Done ::

:: So, I heard that Ralph Lauren paint was no longer being sold at Home Depot as they are now carrying Martha Stewart's line of paint {that woman is everywhere!}. So the other night when Paul and I were in the States we thought we should pop into Home Depot and see if they had any cans left, they did and so we quickly decided on the colour gray we wanted for our room and bought two cans of the interior flat - they were $13.00/can! "Start the car!!! Start the car!!!" I was so stinkin' excited as we've {okay, I} have wanted to paint our room gray since I got new Restoration Hardware bedding for our room back in November {currently it's painted a greenish gray} - so what better time to get the paint, then when it's half off! ::

:: I also told Mr. L that I wanted to paint the powder room again - originally when we first renovated the house, I painted it a light sea green colour, sticking with the light beachy type decor I wanted...who knew my taste would change so much in just 2.5 years! ::
:: This is what the powder room looked like at 1:00 pm on Monday afternoon ::
:: It's nice, light and lovely, except it has bothered me since we moved in that the counter that we ordered for the washroom, looked purple with the green on the walls, instead of grey, black with a bit of brown ::
:: Here we are all ready to paint, cut in first, then roll..it was 1:45 pm on Monday ::

:: And as of 3:30pm on Monday afternoon, this is how we looked {please note I had already touched up the marks that 'the coach' put on the walls} ::
:: I told Paul that I was going to do it, but since he knew how the boys were this morning he didn't figure that I would have gotten to the painting...but the first thing he does after he greets us when he gets home is go to the washroom and wash his hands, boy was he pleasantly surprised! ::
:: He absolutely loves it and so do I! Our house has had some pretty crappy wall touch ups over it's 30 years, and the dark colour doesn't help mask it's issues, so it's not perfect; but nor are we! Ha ha! ::
:: Now, onto the artwork above the toilet, the lovely oval print I have just doesn't go anymore. So I'm at a bit of a loss ::
:: On a whole different note, my neighbour has asked us to help her clear out her house of all the junk and we came across these gems and she gave them
to us, score! ::
:: So maybe I can integrate them into our new powder room, after all don't we all read the paper while on the throne?!?! ::
:: Have a fabulous Tuesday y'all and if you haven't entered the contest from Monday
click here ::

:: I'll be back later to post about our Fly Beau ;) ::


Christy said...

The bathroom looks great! We're (meaning me) are going heavy on the wall/paint touch ups, window sill cleaning and repainting around here. Feel so good!

Christy said...
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Our little Pumpkin Seed said...

The bathroom looks great! I absolutley love the grey.

The Samy's said...

Grey has been my favorite colour lately! I am obsessed with the grey and white, so fresh and clean!

Nadine said...

Love it!! Looks beautiful with all white! We have become fans of greys and browns.

Lisa B. said...

I LOVE IT! Looks beautiful and I'm sure Mr. L was a proud man - he's got himself a wife who is uber efficient.
And yes, I'd totally frame those newspapers and use 'em in the potty room.

susan said...

Good choice of paint! Your bathroom was very pretty before but now it looks stunning - I want to come visit so I can use the loo & admire it!! *wink*
The counter tops look fabby with the new wall colour! Well done you! How you manage to paint with 2 children in tow is beyond me - I barely can make Eggo's for dinner these days let alone any home renos!!
You never cease to amaze me Shawna!!

Shawna said...

Thanks for the compliments girls, now I just need to frame out these papers and see if I can make it work, I found some frames, but they need a bit of adjusting to make them work;)

Suz, I did the whole thing when they were napping, I had 1.5 hours aprox. and pretty much it was done...I'm not amazing just determined ;)

SheenaConverse said...

Looks incredible!

SheenaConverse said...

Looks great! Very impressive!

Laura said...

Love it! That colour is fantastic :) And fabulous idea with the newspapers... you're so creative and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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