:: My Life ::

:: Holy Smokes -- It has been a crazy busy week...I can't believe it's already Friday and here we are at another busy weekend ::
:: I promise to update with photo's but for now here are my excuses as to the lack of posts on my blog ::
:: Easter, wonderful holiday, wonderfully busy {pics to come} ::
:: Taxes, business & personal taxes - oy, need I say more! ::
:: Basement reno's {Carpet being installed on Monday *YAY* - still plenty to do before then} ::
:: Easter weekend + Buying new dining room suite...lovely, lovely & busy {pics to come} ::
:: Happy Housewives enjoying a night out with the girls and watching Enchanted {Such a great movie..I loved it!} ::
:: Date night with Paul {Wonderful breath of fresh air in the midst of a crazy week} ~ Date interrupted by little brother...so typical of brothers (ha ha - kidding Trev, kinda) ::
:: Trip to US of A for groceries + 18 broken eggs (oh, sorry 17 - one lived through the fall) = batch of Monster Cookies ::
:: Two boys - both of whom are teething, one with his two year molars and the other with his first bottom teeth - oh joy! ::
:: Working @ church tomorrow in childcare...then it's Sunday, then it's Monday and this craziness happens all over again ::
:: I may be back, then again I may not...send back-up if you haven't heard from me in 2 days * laughing...kinda ::
:: Oh, I am also trying to buy a camera, well, buying isn't my issue --- It's choosing a camera that's my problem...if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comment section ::
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