:: His Eye is on The Sparrow ::

~ My Grandma is not well, she has just been admitted to the hospital - that makes me sad. But also makes me think of all of the things I love about my Grandma ~

~ Things like her sweetness, she is much sweeter than I will ever be and carries and always has herself with the grace of the Lord. I love that when I see a bird I think of the times I spent sitting on the edge of her kitchen sink waiting for the birdie to come and eat the seed and sing to us. I like that no matter how busy she was she always let me rummage through her purse, put clear nail polish and peach lipstick on and whenever we took a trip to "VV Boutique" she would buy me a new purse ~

~ She is a very good Grandma and I know that if she were to leave us here on earth that it would be a good thing, however I am greedy and I want her here to teach me more lessons on how to love (because she's a pro at that) ~

~ When I think of my Grandma I think of the birdies of the sky and of the song "His Eye is on The Sparrow" it is one of my all time favorite hymns and I think it suits Grandma Rosie just perfectly ~

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows come
Why should my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know
He watches over me

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me

* Edited to say :: Grandma was admitted to the hospital and on their initial tests found that her potassium levels were far too low, so with that they gave her a huge dose of potassium and waited to see if it would work...and Praise the Lord it did. So she was discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home. That all happened late Saturday night and as of Sunday morning she was out having breakfast with her friends that live in the home with her...she really did a 180 in a matter of hours. We are so thankful that she is home, resting and feeling so much better. Thank you for all your prayers *


Movie Review :: 27 Dresses

:: As I said in my earlier post I went to "27 Dresses" tonight with a whole gaggle of girls (sans children, yes what a concept!). I had a wonderful time, Lisa B. picked me up and we headed to the theatre, got our tickets & snacks and headed into the movie. I think Lisa counted and there were 15 girls in our gaggle...what a fun excuse to get out and giggle (with maybe a few snorts for good measure) :::: As for the movie; it was cute...I wouldn't say "oh you have to go see it" but I would recommend taking the time out of your life to spend a couple hours in la-la land enjoying some good comedy relief and some crazy dresses! I think my most favourite part was looking at the apartment Katherine Heigl lived in, they did a great job of the set ~ I loved it! ::
:: James Marsden did a great job of acting and I felt that it was truly a perfect role for him :: :: And Katherine is wonderful. I fell in love with her acting on Grey's and I have yet to be let down, she embraced the role of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" and yet it was never a bad thing to her, which made it all so sweet ::
:: Afterwards we enjoyed (and took over) Starbucks and visited late into the night, okay so we were the last ones to leave, but heck what do you expect when you let a whole bunch of "housewives" out of the house? You don't think we're going to return do you??? ::
:: Thanks to Lisa for planning this gala event...can't wait till the next one so we have another excuse to escape the daily routine (not that it's so bad it's just nice to have a little vacation) ::
:: Oh and thank you Paul for taking care of the boys and letting me out of my cage ~ You are a good man my love! ::

:: More Control ::

:: Well today my life feels like it has more control. I have accomplished quite a bit since I woke to the smell of breakfast being cooked for me by Jacob and Paul (more Paul than Jacob). I feel better today (or maybe I'm just telling myself that!) ::

:: At any rate I have been able to spend time in the Word and enjoy coffee, organize my fridge and freezer...and pretty much nothing makes me happier than the feeling of being organized! (that may be stretching it but it does make me feel pretty happy) ::

:: One draw back in my day is our carpet guy cancelled on me...again! This is the second time. Arg!!! But he should be coming out to measure the basement on Monday so hopefully we can check that off of our list and then completely organize and decorate the basement (organize is the key word in that sentence) ::

:: I am excited because I am going out with a whole gaggle of girls tonight to the movie "27 Dresses" and then to Starbucks afterwards - yay for me and Girl time. I am off to warm up left-over Chicken Pot Pie for Jacob's lunch, change a dirty bum and to switch the laundry (maybe that guy from the show "Dirty Jobs" should shadow a Mom for a day, that would be a popular episode I'm sure -HA!) ::

:: Have a blessed day and I pray you find happiness in the simple things in your life ::


:: Cole - Month 3 ::

:: Today while Jacob was sleeping I realized that I hadn't done a post on Cole lately - He is growing so quickly and I can't believe it's already been 3 months since he entered our lives ::
:: Cole is very much a child full of delight, he is also very much a different child to Jacob ::
:: Jacob likes life loud * Cole likes life quiet, Jacob doesn't care is his diaper is full * Cole lothes it, Jacob likes to splash * Cole likes to wade - - - See what I mean, they are pretty much opposites. It's so very neat that we can have two children of the same sex from the same two people who are so so so different. It really goes to show that God did make us all by hand, we are one of a kind ::
:: Cole still get's up once a night to have a snack but I don't mind, he's so quick at eating that it's a 10 minute feed and we're both back in bed. A few odd nights he hasn't risen until 5:45ish and that to me was a sleep in ::
:: Cole you are a perfect fit to our family and we're so glad that God planned for you to be in our hands, hearts and home ~ We love you and can't wait to see what God has in store for you ::

:: Oh yippee! ::

:: Well, two of my most favorite boys (Paul & Jacob) have been suffering from a cold for the past 3 or 4 days --- We thought we had the bug cornered and that it was going to flee. We were wrong. Now, not only do they have it. I have it ::
:: Oh yippee! ::
:: At least I can put them into a drug induced coma (just kidding,kinda) - I because of my current baby-feeding state cannot coax my cold to go away any faster than it wants to. Oh yippee! So if I'm not around these parts it because I'm off using my Lavender Pine-Sol to cleans my house of sick. If I am around these parts it's because I'm too sick to do anything else. Oh yippee! ::


:: Visit w/ The Girls ::

:: Last week when we went to Josh & Laura's wedding, Jacob went and stayed with The Bakers - Lisa got some great shots of Jacob and you can see Emma {His little kissing friend} there with him. He loves his friends Madelyne and Emma. Thanks again for taking him for the day! ::

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