:: Cole - Month 3 ::

:: Today while Jacob was sleeping I realized that I hadn't done a post on Cole lately - He is growing so quickly and I can't believe it's already been 3 months since he entered our lives ::
:: Cole is very much a child full of delight, he is also very much a different child to Jacob ::
:: Jacob likes life loud * Cole likes life quiet, Jacob doesn't care is his diaper is full * Cole lothes it, Jacob likes to splash * Cole likes to wade - - - See what I mean, they are pretty much opposites. It's so very neat that we can have two children of the same sex from the same two people who are so so so different. It really goes to show that God did make us all by hand, we are one of a kind ::
:: Cole still get's up once a night to have a snack but I don't mind, he's so quick at eating that it's a 10 minute feed and we're both back in bed. A few odd nights he hasn't risen until 5:45ish and that to me was a sleep in ::
:: Cole you are a perfect fit to our family and we're so glad that God planned for you to be in our hands, hearts and home ~ We love you and can't wait to see what God has in store for you ::


Jessi said...

What an angel and a blessing to your lives, God is good, isn't he!!!

Lisa B. said...
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Lisa B. said...

Mr. Cole is a beautiful little man with such life. I agree....he is miles apart - personality wise - from his older bro, but he's a charmer nonetheless.....that's something delightful they both have in common.

Watch out girls - the Laderoute boys are full of charm and the sweetest smiles.

Amanda said...

Great pictures Shawna! I love the one with the sunlight on his little belly and legs! Precious.

Peginer said...

What beautiful photos of sweet Cole!! Love the one of you and him--so sweet! He is a true gift.
:) Jenn

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