:: More Control ::

:: Well today my life feels like it has more control. I have accomplished quite a bit since I woke to the smell of breakfast being cooked for me by Jacob and Paul (more Paul than Jacob). I feel better today (or maybe I'm just telling myself that!) ::

:: At any rate I have been able to spend time in the Word and enjoy coffee, organize my fridge and freezer...and pretty much nothing makes me happier than the feeling of being organized! (that may be stretching it but it does make me feel pretty happy) ::

:: One draw back in my day is our carpet guy cancelled on me...again! This is the second time. Arg!!! But he should be coming out to measure the basement on Monday so hopefully we can check that off of our list and then completely organize and decorate the basement (organize is the key word in that sentence) ::

:: I am excited because I am going out with a whole gaggle of girls tonight to the movie "27 Dresses" and then to Starbucks afterwards - yay for me and Girl time. I am off to warm up left-over Chicken Pot Pie for Jacob's lunch, change a dirty bum and to switch the laundry (maybe that guy from the show "Dirty Jobs" should shadow a Mom for a day, that would be a popular episode I'm sure -HA!) ::

:: Have a blessed day and I pray you find happiness in the simple things in your life ::


jamiedelaine said...

27 Dresses is the cuttttest movie! Cute guy, cute clothes, cute wedding. I approve. :)

Lisa B. said...

Question? Can you send your friend "order" around to my place today.....you know the addy!

Thanks, I could use a helping hand today :)

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