:: His Eye is on The Sparrow ::

~ My Grandma is not well, she has just been admitted to the hospital - that makes me sad. But also makes me think of all of the things I love about my Grandma ~

~ Things like her sweetness, she is much sweeter than I will ever be and carries and always has herself with the grace of the Lord. I love that when I see a bird I think of the times I spent sitting on the edge of her kitchen sink waiting for the birdie to come and eat the seed and sing to us. I like that no matter how busy she was she always let me rummage through her purse, put clear nail polish and peach lipstick on and whenever we took a trip to "VV Boutique" she would buy me a new purse ~

~ She is a very good Grandma and I know that if she were to leave us here on earth that it would be a good thing, however I am greedy and I want her here to teach me more lessons on how to love (because she's a pro at that) ~

~ When I think of my Grandma I think of the birdies of the sky and of the song "His Eye is on The Sparrow" it is one of my all time favorite hymns and I think it suits Grandma Rosie just perfectly ~

Why should I feel discouraged
Why should the shadows come
Why should my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is He
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know
He watches over me

His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me

* Edited to say :: Grandma was admitted to the hospital and on their initial tests found that her potassium levels were far too low, so with that they gave her a huge dose of potassium and waited to see if it would work...and Praise the Lord it did. So she was discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home. That all happened late Saturday night and as of Sunday morning she was out having breakfast with her friends that live in the home with her...she really did a 180 in a matter of hours. We are so thankful that she is home, resting and feeling so much better. Thank you for all your prayers *


jamiedelaine said...

Sorry to hear that. Bob and Jo have been telling us about Grandma Rosie for the last few weeks. I hope she feels better really soon.

Coby Jordan said...

Hi Shawna, so sorry to hear about Grandma Rosie. Our prayers or with her and you guys too. Keep looking up. Lots of Love.

Canadian Kristin said...

Weddings and colds and girls' night out and organizing and Grandma to worry about....I'm praying you through the day, my friend!!!
It is so hard to see our dear Grandma go into hospital, will pray peace over this whole situation....

Peginer said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandma--Grandma's are special ladies and I'm happy she has been such a blessing in your life. Praying that she feels better real soon!!
Love Jenn :)

Amanda said...

I will continue to pray for Grandma Rosie. I just read your blog today and so happy to hear that she is out of the hospital now.

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