:: Oh yippee! ::

:: Well, two of my most favorite boys (Paul & Jacob) have been suffering from a cold for the past 3 or 4 days --- We thought we had the bug cornered and that it was going to flee. We were wrong. Now, not only do they have it. I have it ::
:: Oh yippee! ::
:: At least I can put them into a drug induced coma (just kidding,kinda) - I because of my current baby-feeding state cannot coax my cold to go away any faster than it wants to. Oh yippee! So if I'm not around these parts it because I'm off using my Lavender Pine-Sol to cleans my house of sick. If I am around these parts it's because I'm too sick to do anything else. Oh yippee! ::


kevin and steph said...

i hope you start to feel better soon (ALL of you!)

Amanda said...

Get better soon! Colds suck by themselves but when you can't take anything they feels so much worse!

Lisa B. said...

I hope you chase away that cold bug really fast with your PineSol.....

Call me if you need anything!

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