:: Hawaii - O'ahu - Part 1 ::

:: Here is a brief overview of our trip to Hawaii. We have so many pictures it's unbelievable. So here is just a little bit of what we did and where we spent a huge portion of October this year ::

:: We hung out here for two days, this is where JJ learned to swim without water wings. It's called Ko 'Olina and we came here for a three night stay on our honey moon. It was quite surreal to be there with our boys - Loved it! ::

:: Most days our boys were ready to have dinner by 5pm which meant we left the beach around 4pm as to avoid any meltdowns. Which meant that we missed one of the most beautiful times of the day; dusk. This day we stayed on through to 6pm. The boys had been given some surf boards from people that were leaving the island, within two hours each boy had been given their own board, by two different families....can you say blessed!?!?! Those boards were worth $20 a piece! It was so fun to have them for the few days we did! ::

:: Here are the photos Mr. L took while the boys were enjoying the surf on Waikiki beach ::

:: Cole holding up Diamond head on his board, this wasn't planned but Mr. L was fast at the draw with the camera! ::

:: We hit up the Army Museum @ Fort DeRussy - which the boys just got a kick out of! ::

:: Here is what our set up looked like every day we walked to the beach...we had quite the system for the poor little jogging stroller, it's supposed to be for just one babe, but we did fine fitting both of them into it ;) - plus the camera bag, cooler & beach bag on the back. I carried the floaties and surf boards ::

:: Lilly pads in the Hilton ponds ::

:: Since the boys needed to be home, bathed, fed and bedded before we were ready to settle in we sat on the lanai and watched the sun go down - this was our view from the Ilikai on the 20th floor ::

:: I'll be back with more photos, but really they are just repeats of the above photos, so just bear with me ;) ::

:: Happy Saturday Y'all - I'm off to make pavlova and get ready for an Indian feast tonight! ::


:: Coles First Field Trip ::

:: We came right off the plane, dropped Mr. L off to the office and headed home to G&G's place to drop JJ off and then Cole and I ran out the door to his very first field trip at the pumpkin patch ::

:: On our way out the door he was saying "I no like my frens no more - I want to go to our new tower and park Gramps' new Ford under the tower {aka: Hotel in Hawaii}" But I knew better, I knew that he would be so excited to see his teacher and to romp through the corn maze and pumpkin patch ::

:: Mama was right, he was super happy to be there and just got right into it! He picked about 30 million pumpkins before I told him it was enough and he just had to pick one...he just kept on saying "this is incredible!" Lord only knows where he's heard that! HA! ::

:: We took a wagon ride, which he loved and of course was the only one that didn't heed the teachers advice and stay sitting while the wagon was going, so typical ;) ::

:: Here we are fresh off the plane...I had left our gum boots and our warm clothes at my parents place before we left as I knew this was on the agenda, and I'm SO glad I did, it was a goopy mess that field! ::

:: A sunflower - Beautiful nature, ahh, I love Fall {not sure if I love it more than Hawaii though ;) } ::

:: My sweet pea and his pumpkin, he was so excited to show Mr. L when we got home later that day he said "Dada, look here's my punkin patch!" What a gem he is! ::

:: Well, I'm off to bed...We're almost settled into our normal routine again, hoping to finish up the laundry tomorrow, get a few fresh groceries as the liquid cucumbers that I came home to in my fridge really are no good to feed to my children - HaHa! ::

:: Here's to a great Thursday! ::

~ He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalms 91:1 ~


:: We Are Back ::

:: We have just returned from an epic family trip to Hawaii - on the island of Oahu, it was a fabulous trip filled with lots of sun, sand and family adventures...More on our trip once we get settled back into life on the mainland. Seems life on the Island is easy to get used to ;) ::


:: Welcome Paisley! ::

:: Before we left on our trip to Hawaii, there was a special delivery born. Sweet Paisley Joy was born on October 1st ::

:: When they said it was a girl I was SO surprised, since conception I thought it was a boy - B O Y all the way! Nope, she is a girl, I made sure they double checked ;) -- and a beautiful one at that! ::

:: My sister in law is a champ, she had a home birth and just rocked it! Way to go Christy and Congratulations to your little family. Can not wait to meet your precious little addition! ::

:: If you want to see more photos hop in over to my SILs blog here ::


:: First Day of School ::

:: WoW!!! I can't believe how quickly September, and now October has flown by! Geesh, what a whirlwind month around here! ::

:: Well, even though I'm behind on stuff from Summer -- I wanted to get up the photos of the boys first day of school, this year we had a couple weeks worth of graduated entry for our two preschool boys. So long it was almost painful, as of the end of September the boys were still fighting over whose 1st day it was, again! HA!!! ::

:: Here is our first 4 year old Preschooler...all ready for his first official day. Poor Cole was so upset that he didn't get to go too -- Made me think that maybe we should have put them in the split class together ::

:: The boys were in the mood for taking photos on Jacobs first day, of course, cause we were short on time that morning ;) ::

:: Here are the photos of Cole's first day of school. Once I got Cole to school on his first day I knew that we had made the right decision putting them in separate classes. Cole did famously well going in by himself. He did ask me to stay and I told him he didn't want me to, and he carried on like a champ ::

:: He was so cute when he met me after class, the first thing he said to me was "I didnint hit anyone Mama!" last year we had issue with Jacob hitting kids in his class and so Cole heard me asking JJ every day last year if he had been nice or if he had hit any of his friends...so I guess he assumed that it was important information to relay. He still tells me every day if he was nice or not. So cute! ::

:: Hoping to be back sooner than later with other updates on what me and the boys have been up to!

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