:: Coles First Field Trip ::

:: We came right off the plane, dropped Mr. L off to the office and headed home to G&G's place to drop JJ off and then Cole and I ran out the door to his very first field trip at the pumpkin patch ::

:: On our way out the door he was saying "I no like my frens no more - I want to go to our new tower and park Gramps' new Ford under the tower {aka: Hotel in Hawaii}" But I knew better, I knew that he would be so excited to see his teacher and to romp through the corn maze and pumpkin patch ::

:: Mama was right, he was super happy to be there and just got right into it! He picked about 30 million pumpkins before I told him it was enough and he just had to pick one...he just kept on saying "this is incredible!" Lord only knows where he's heard that! HA! ::

:: We took a wagon ride, which he loved and of course was the only one that didn't heed the teachers advice and stay sitting while the wagon was going, so typical ;) ::

:: Here we are fresh off the plane...I had left our gum boots and our warm clothes at my parents place before we left as I knew this was on the agenda, and I'm SO glad I did, it was a goopy mess that field! ::

:: A sunflower - Beautiful nature, ahh, I love Fall {not sure if I love it more than Hawaii though ;) } ::

:: My sweet pea and his pumpkin, he was so excited to show Mr. L when we got home later that day he said "Dada, look here's my punkin patch!" What a gem he is! ::

:: Well, I'm off to bed...We're almost settled into our normal routine again, hoping to finish up the laundry tomorrow, get a few fresh groceries as the liquid cucumbers that I came home to in my fridge really are no good to feed to my children - HaHa! ::

:: Here's to a great Thursday! ::

~ He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalms 91:1 ~

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Joanne said...

Such a dear boy! He reminds me of Tigger......always ready to 'jump' into it.

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