:: First Day of School ::

:: WoW!!! I can't believe how quickly September, and now October has flown by! Geesh, what a whirlwind month around here! ::

:: Well, even though I'm behind on stuff from Summer -- I wanted to get up the photos of the boys first day of school, this year we had a couple weeks worth of graduated entry for our two preschool boys. So long it was almost painful, as of the end of September the boys were still fighting over whose 1st day it was, again! HA!!! ::

:: Here is our first 4 year old Preschooler...all ready for his first official day. Poor Cole was so upset that he didn't get to go too -- Made me think that maybe we should have put them in the split class together ::

:: The boys were in the mood for taking photos on Jacobs first day, of course, cause we were short on time that morning ;) ::

:: Here are the photos of Cole's first day of school. Once I got Cole to school on his first day I knew that we had made the right decision putting them in separate classes. Cole did famously well going in by himself. He did ask me to stay and I told him he didn't want me to, and he carried on like a champ ::

:: He was so cute when he met me after class, the first thing he said to me was "I didnint hit anyone Mama!" last year we had issue with Jacob hitting kids in his class and so Cole heard me asking JJ every day last year if he had been nice or if he had hit any of his friends...so I guess he assumed that it was important information to relay. He still tells me every day if he was nice or not. So cute! ::

:: Hoping to be back sooner than later with other updates on what me and the boys have been up to!


Christy said...

Dear Wee Cole and his wee little backpack! Loves those boys!

Joanne said...

Oh, I love first day of school pics....the boys are just adorable!

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