I forgot the Molasses!

Ugh, Jacob and I went on a lovely fall walk today to Extra Foods to pick up a few things...but dumb Mamma forgot the molasses for the ginger snaps I wanted to make! Oh well, Aunty Juliet & Paul (her Paul) will have to do with double choco chip cookies for tonight :)

thank you "A" channel

In my humble home, life and daily routines I don't often run into God. By this I don't mean that I don't talk to him or do my devotions (even if it's just a 2 minute one), but I don't find myself being challenged by what God wants me to accomplish.

As I have transitioned into a house mama I have found that I miss work, not that I don't like being at home, but I miss work. So since I have taken on this new role, I have tried to figure out what it was that I miss the most...Interaction with people that can actually speak, daily routine, fresh coffee all day long, but none of those things were the true reason I miss being at work.

I miss coming across fresh ideas of what God calls us to be and thanks to "A" Channel being on today keeping me company while I mix a batch of cookies, I was able to encounter God and His heart for me. Thanks to "A" Channel for running Touched by an Angel (although sometimes lame, it's message was very clear today).

I have had a vision planted in my heart that I truly think was sent from God....so this is what I miss, I miss being in different situations that call me to delve into the heart of God. Cause let me tell you changing a dirty diaper doesn't make me feel like I am being the hands of God!

More on my little vision later, I must go and change a dirty diaper :)


Any Idea's???

I'm now looking to find a good deal on candy for the goodie bags for Paul's Birthday Bash ~ Anyone have any ideas? Paul likes the $0.5 candies, like Hot Lips, Sour Key and Red Raspberries...Any ideas???


When I was at the Vancouver Home & Interior Design show a few weekends ago (where I got to meet Marilyn Dennis and Lynn Spence off of City Line*) I picked up this magazine and a subscription to it. I really need another magazine like a hole in my head, but this one is different. All of the stores/items in the magazine are Canadian. So I thought why not support something that is truly 100% Canadian! It is only $12.00 with shipping for 6 issues - not bad eh?!?! Here is the link if you too would like to indulge in some Chocolat http://www.chocolatmagazine.ca/english/index.jsphttp://

:: Make it STRONG coffee this morning ::

Well we had quite the night - Jacob was hungry so he was up and down quite a few nights last night and in and out of our bed and with my parents being away on business their dog Tucker is with us as well. So to say the least our bed was a rather full one last night!

Bring on the coffee this morning...even thought it's not caffeinated, it still does the trick :)

So we were at Blair and Cara's last night for a great night of conversation and fabulous food and they have this thing called a BUMBO seat. Jacob just loved it, he was quite content in it and liked that he was able to see what was going on. So this morning Paul said to look on Craigslist and see if there were any for sale. Sure enough there was one in Langley for $45 (in store price is $68). So I am super excited, since Jacob is our first the BUMBO seat will get lots of use!
Hopefully they haven't sold it yet!

Here are Blair & Cara's girls; Sydney and Brooke:

These pic's were from a couple weeks ago when the girls dropped by for a visit.

Thanks again for a great night Blair & Cara - We'll have to do it again!


This Afternoon

We had a great time visiting and scrapping with Kristin & Miranda this afternoon - Thanks for the great time ladies!

Miranda was too cute, she continuously called Jacob a she "she likes me, she has cute feet etc" after Kristin told her for the third time that Jacob was a he she would just say "the baby likes me". Just too darn cute!

I have to say that I would like to hire Miranda - She would sit by Jacob and put his toys in front of him and play peek-a-boo...he couldn't get enough of her and nor could I! You can certainly tell she's going to be a big sister again - she's a pro!

Well we are off to Blair, Cara, Sydney & Brookes place tonight for dinner so farewell for now- remember to leave a comment about your stroller experience!


Is there such a thing as 'Stroller Envy'?

Well apparently there is - Who knew?

Originally, prior to having Jacob we had recieved some money for Christmas so we thought we would be smart and spend it on a stroller for our baby once he/she out grew the cuddle seat. So we invested in a $150 "Jeep" brand stroller...seemed to be just fine when we bought it but since we didn't have a baby of our own we didn't realize all of the things that you have to know/remember when buying a stroller.

So after using the stroller for 2 weeks we returned it to Baby's R Us and got a full credit, so now I am on the market for a new stroller that is hopefully better quality than my previous "Cheep" one :)

I cannot afford a brand new Peg Perego or Zooper, but we have tested those ones out and you can definitely tell that it is a better made product.

So I have been looking on craigslist - http://vancouver.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=Peg%20Perego%20Stroller

I have found a few that look great but I still don't know as I can't try them out...does anyone have any advice or knowledge that you would like to pass on to me? I need as much help as I can get!

So far these are the ones I have found:

#1) Zooper - Walk Air ($100) #2)Peg Perego Atlantico ($160)
#3) Peg Perego Venezia ($150) #4) Peg Perego Venenzia Newport ($200)
#5) Zooper Sport ($150)
I'm leaning towarts the Venezia (of course it's the most expensive) there is something about it that I love...It doesn't have a cup holder which looks to be the only thing that I don't like and apparently it's quite heavy! I found one on Costco .com called the compass that is only $89 USD http://www.costco.com But today it doesn't seem to be there! Arg, I hope I can still get just the stroller!
Well that's all for now...I must go and get ready to meet Kristin, we are going to be scrapping for most of the afternoon!


I found favor boxes for Paul's Birthday Bash :: I wanted something cool looking without spending too much money and Lisa B gave me this idea. So today I sourced the web and found these:

I am going to have three big glass jars with three of Paul's favorite $0.5 candies in them - I hope everyone enjoys the treats :)

:: Saturday Re-cap ::

I wrote a huge entry on Saturday afternoon, just to loose it to the computer ghost that decided to crash my computer - GRRRR!

Anyways, we had a rather eventful weekend...

Saturday I went to the Kid-Swap to see if I could find some deals for Jacob and I did! With a little help from the professional eye of Lisa.B I managed to spend a mere $45 on a whole bunch of clothes for the little man. Here is what I bought:

2 pairs of swim shorts
2 pairs of khakis
1 pair of jeans
1 cord winter coat
1 plaid short sleeved shirt
1 white tee
1 pair of cargo camo pants
1 rugby shirt

Not bad since all of these items were mostly the Gap, only a few were from Old Navy and one shirt was from Please Mum. All in all it was a very successful venture!

I also ran into a bunch of new mom's; Melanie & Kennedy, Cara & Brooke and Charleen & Paige, I guess the swap meet was the place to be!?!?!

After we had gone through the tables twice, we decided to hit our favorite spot:

There is quite the story that goes along with Starbucks experience, but truly all I have to say is that Starbucks has yet again gone above and beyond my expectations of what customer service really means!

We then headed to Guildford to pick up a few items and then headed home. Once we returned home I found my SIL Jen at home with Paul washing her car and catching up with Paul, then a few minutes after we got home my parents came to see the items I had found for Jacob at the swap meet. Everyone stayed for an hour or so and then they carried on with their days.

I then made a batch of cookies and a square...the cookies turned out great but the square ah, not so much.

Later on we headed to Matt & Lisa's place to have a couple games of Sequence

There we enjoyed some good laughs, caramel corn, coffee and my square that didn't turn out but it tasted mighty fine smothered in ice cream...

I know I have pictures and I will have to post them for Matt as he was complaining about all the pictures that I was taking!!!

I'll be back with the pic's in a while!

All Canadian Boy

Here is a picture I took of Mr. Jacob last week wearing his All Canadian Boy shirt that he got as a gift when he was just a few hours old from Uncle Chad & Aunty Trisha:
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