When I was at the Vancouver Home & Interior Design show a few weekends ago (where I got to meet Marilyn Dennis and Lynn Spence off of City Line*) I picked up this magazine and a subscription to it. I really need another magazine like a hole in my head, but this one is different. All of the stores/items in the magazine are Canadian. So I thought why not support something that is truly 100% Canadian! It is only $12.00 with shipping for 6 issues - not bad eh?!?! Here is the link if you too would like to indulge in some Chocolat http://www.chocolatmagazine.ca/english/index.jsphttp://

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Canadian Kristin said...

Hey.....I got a free copy of this in the mail, and haven't opened it yet. Now you've got me all curious to delve into those luscious pages!

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