This Afternoon

We had a great time visiting and scrapping with Kristin & Miranda this afternoon - Thanks for the great time ladies!

Miranda was too cute, she continuously called Jacob a she "she likes me, she has cute feet etc" after Kristin told her for the third time that Jacob was a he she would just say "the baby likes me". Just too darn cute!

I have to say that I would like to hire Miranda - She would sit by Jacob and put his toys in front of him and play peek-a-boo...he couldn't get enough of her and nor could I! You can certainly tell she's going to be a big sister again - she's a pro!

Well we are off to Blair, Cara, Sydney & Brookes place tonight for dinner so farewell for now- remember to leave a comment about your stroller experience!


1 comment:

Canadian Kristin said...

"Mommy, you remember that baby that was here today? I like that baby, it is cute!" Pretty much all I heard after you guys left!!! Miranda is smitten with your cutey-pie-BOY Jacob!!!

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