Is there such a thing as 'Stroller Envy'?

Well apparently there is - Who knew?

Originally, prior to having Jacob we had recieved some money for Christmas so we thought we would be smart and spend it on a stroller for our baby once he/she out grew the cuddle seat. So we invested in a $150 "Jeep" brand stroller...seemed to be just fine when we bought it but since we didn't have a baby of our own we didn't realize all of the things that you have to know/remember when buying a stroller.

So after using the stroller for 2 weeks we returned it to Baby's R Us and got a full credit, so now I am on the market for a new stroller that is hopefully better quality than my previous "Cheep" one :)

I cannot afford a brand new Peg Perego or Zooper, but we have tested those ones out and you can definitely tell that it is a better made product.

So I have been looking on craigslist - http://vancouver.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=Peg%20Perego%20Stroller

I have found a few that look great but I still don't know as I can't try them out...does anyone have any advice or knowledge that you would like to pass on to me? I need as much help as I can get!

So far these are the ones I have found:

#1) Zooper - Walk Air ($100) #2)Peg Perego Atlantico ($160)
#3) Peg Perego Venezia ($150) #4) Peg Perego Venenzia Newport ($200)
#5) Zooper Sport ($150)
I'm leaning towarts the Venezia (of course it's the most expensive) there is something about it that I love...It doesn't have a cup holder which looks to be the only thing that I don't like and apparently it's quite heavy! I found one on Costco .com called the compass that is only $89 USD http://www.costco.com But today it doesn't seem to be there! Arg, I hope I can still get just the stroller!
Well that's all for now...I must go and get ready to meet Kristin, we are going to be scrapping for most of the afternoon!


Canadian Kristin said...

My advice: ALWAYS go for the big basket!!!!! Where else do you put your coats and purchases when at the mall?! I feel sad for women without strollers...where DO they put their stuff?!

Shawna, it was SOOOOOOOO great to scrap the afternoon away with you! You are welcome over ANYtime!

Jessi said...

We have the Zooper Air, it's great, but really not that practical, it weighs a ton and doesn't fold down very well, but on the other hand, Halle loves it! I'd have to agree with the Peg Pergo, you really can't go wrong with it, and it's not like you're not going to get your money's worth out of it either. Happy Hunting!

Love, Jessi

Lisa B. said...

If you're planning on having multiple children ~ which we know you are! Then consider how much you invest into a single stroller because you're going to have to purchase another stroller(probably sooner than later) to carry two kids around.
Personally, I don't like strollers that are too heavy, they tend to be hard to navigate and can be awkward to get in and out of a car. I do agree with the basket thing - a must for sure!

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