:: Saturday Re-cap ::

I wrote a huge entry on Saturday afternoon, just to loose it to the computer ghost that decided to crash my computer - GRRRR!

Anyways, we had a rather eventful weekend...

Saturday I went to the Kid-Swap to see if I could find some deals for Jacob and I did! With a little help from the professional eye of Lisa.B I managed to spend a mere $45 on a whole bunch of clothes for the little man. Here is what I bought:

2 pairs of swim shorts
2 pairs of khakis
1 pair of jeans
1 cord winter coat
1 plaid short sleeved shirt
1 white tee
1 pair of cargo camo pants
1 rugby shirt

Not bad since all of these items were mostly the Gap, only a few were from Old Navy and one shirt was from Please Mum. All in all it was a very successful venture!

I also ran into a bunch of new mom's; Melanie & Kennedy, Cara & Brooke and Charleen & Paige, I guess the swap meet was the place to be!?!?!

After we had gone through the tables twice, we decided to hit our favorite spot:

There is quite the story that goes along with Starbucks experience, but truly all I have to say is that Starbucks has yet again gone above and beyond my expectations of what customer service really means!

We then headed to Guildford to pick up a few items and then headed home. Once we returned home I found my SIL Jen at home with Paul washing her car and catching up with Paul, then a few minutes after we got home my parents came to see the items I had found for Jacob at the swap meet. Everyone stayed for an hour or so and then they carried on with their days.

I then made a batch of cookies and a square...the cookies turned out great but the square ah, not so much.

Later on we headed to Matt & Lisa's place to have a couple games of Sequence

There we enjoyed some good laughs, caramel corn, coffee and my square that didn't turn out but it tasted mighty fine smothered in ice cream...

I know I have pictures and I will have to post them for Matt as he was complaining about all the pictures that I was taking!!!

I'll be back with the pic's in a while!

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Canadian Kristin said...

I don't drink coffee...but I can COMPLETELY appreciate the Starbucks' customer service!!! Hmmmmm, maybe I'll treat myself to something Starbucksy tomorrow!!!

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