:: Make it STRONG coffee this morning ::

Well we had quite the night - Jacob was hungry so he was up and down quite a few nights last night and in and out of our bed and with my parents being away on business their dog Tucker is with us as well. So to say the least our bed was a rather full one last night!

Bring on the coffee this morning...even thought it's not caffeinated, it still does the trick :)

So we were at Blair and Cara's last night for a great night of conversation and fabulous food and they have this thing called a BUMBO seat. Jacob just loved it, he was quite content in it and liked that he was able to see what was going on. So this morning Paul said to look on Craigslist and see if there were any for sale. Sure enough there was one in Langley for $45 (in store price is $68). So I am super excited, since Jacob is our first the BUMBO seat will get lots of use!
Hopefully they haven't sold it yet!

Here are Blair & Cara's girls; Sydney and Brooke:

These pic's were from a couple weeks ago when the girls dropped by for a visit.

Thanks again for a great night Blair & Cara - We'll have to do it again!


Amanda said...

A couple people I know have a Bumbo seat and love it. You can prop them up in it and they can't fall out and it won't fall over, no matter how hard they lean back. And it is cushy!! What a nice seat for a baby! Heaven!

I hope you can get it!! I think it will make life a little easier for you!! You can put Jacob in it and place him on the counter when you work in the kitchen (or so I have been told by someone who has it).



Canadian Kristin said...

I saw those crazy little seats at Toys R Us...and was at a restaurant and saw a family bring one in and sit it on the table for the wee one..... interesting gizmo...what size do they sit in it 'til?

Shawna said...

I think they are a great little item...not cheap though! Since they are a type of foam/rubber composite they don't move from surfaces very easy which is why you can place them wherever you want. They can sit in them until their hips out-grow it...It also encourages proper posture because the bum part is so deep. I hope this lady writes/calls me back - I can't wait to get it :)

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