thank you "A" channel

In my humble home, life and daily routines I don't often run into God. By this I don't mean that I don't talk to him or do my devotions (even if it's just a 2 minute one), but I don't find myself being challenged by what God wants me to accomplish.

As I have transitioned into a house mama I have found that I miss work, not that I don't like being at home, but I miss work. So since I have taken on this new role, I have tried to figure out what it was that I miss the most...Interaction with people that can actually speak, daily routine, fresh coffee all day long, but none of those things were the true reason I miss being at work.

I miss coming across fresh ideas of what God calls us to be and thanks to "A" Channel being on today keeping me company while I mix a batch of cookies, I was able to encounter God and His heart for me. Thanks to "A" Channel for running Touched by an Angel (although sometimes lame, it's message was very clear today).

I have had a vision planted in my heart that I truly think was sent from God....so this is what I miss, I miss being in different situations that call me to delve into the heart of God. Cause let me tell you changing a dirty diaper doesn't make me feel like I am being the hands of God!

More on my little vision later, I must go and change a dirty diaper :)


Lisa B. said...

While the learning never seems to end I have discovered (mostly since I became a mum) that being a house mama truly is being the hands of God! While it's not pretty, glamourous or high paying (financially) it is being the hands of God ~ unconditionally ~ on a daily basis to those in our immediate circle.

Trust me...I too wish it was more than changing diapers and doing laundry, and it will be, in due time, as the babes grow and new experiences come into our lives and new people come across our path.

Be encouraged sista'friend you are the hands of God more than you know!

Canadian Kristin said...

Ah yes....transition from a world that wonders and cares about you, and intrigues and challenges you, to the world of stay-at-home-mom. I still feel that transition, and I've been mostly home for 8 years now... YAY for "A" Channel...God works in all sorts of ways, and I'm glad He refreshed you just when you were needing it most! I'm hear with you, girlfriend!
Will be neat to see how this new thought/vision (what word did you use) plays out for you...

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