: Today :

Today has started off beautifully, we woke up to beautiful blue skies {when we were promised rain}

Enjoyed coffee with this little guy with the peace of the birds singing..that was until my three other guys decided to join me ;)
Mr. L has to work today so he's off to Vancouver and I'm going to do my best to finish the office and get started on the other projects I need to get done!

This upcoming week is another really full week and I want to get some of these things checked off my list of to-do's...But first I'm off to build a couple train sets -- such is the life of a Mama to boys!



: Foundation Friday :: 52 weeks of blessing :

I can't believe how quickly a week fills up and then flies by! And this week seemed unusually full and then proceeded to just whiz by!
So this week my challenge was to give an anonymous gift to someone I didn't know. This would be no. 50 of my 52 week challenge. So today along with purchasing my coffee -- I picked up the tab for the people behind me...such a simple pleasure that was. They don't know me; I don't know them. It was just a random act of kindness {this was the first time I have ever done this} and something I hope to do more often!

I'm up to my eyeballs in papers -- today is "sort through the office now Shawna or you'll never do it" kind of day. I love being organized and having a place for everything and everything in it's place but it's getting to that organized place that I don't really like! HA! Oh, and you'll be happy to know that I did find my little scrabble "loveyou" plaque for V-day --- it was in a box in our spare room closet, it's a good thing I went through that closet yesterday and organized it!
This weekend we don't really have any big plans, we've got a few projects on the go at home that we need to tackle, I need to do a long walk today {from recovery of a very long run} as well as a run tomorrow -- we might have some friends over on Saturday night and then we'll be at church on Sunday and I think Mr. L may have invited some friends over for Sunday night and then we'll be back at Monday - phew!

I'm really hoping that tonight if I get my work out in and get the boys to bed at a decent hour I'll be able to take a chunk out of my digi-scrap project! Have a wonderful weekend Lovelies and here's to hoping Mr.Sun comes out for us!


: BlaBla Thursday :

Thursdays are my "home days" I just have to go out for two things on Thursdays - dropoff&pickup of the biggest boy. No in and out of the house, no need for groceries or stopping off at the store for misc. items...all that was done on Tuesday, so today I get the joy of feeling like the Mama of little ones who doesn't live in her car being the "mom taxi" and I revel in it! I started my morning off enjoying fresh flowers {thanks to Auntie Joan}, coffee and time in the word..but I couldn't decide what I wanted to read {devotional/bible/themessage etc.} so kinda spattered a little between them all - HA, what a dork I am!

So today I'm trying to accomplish {finally} cleaning out under our ensuite sinks...not that they were not clean, they just were not organized. When we moved in all of our toiletries were in baskets which worked fine in the suite & our old house, but this house - not so much. So I've bought containers to help contain the unruly toiletries as nothing annoys me more than having random items all over the place, especially in the morning when all of us are trying to get ready!

Then that darn linen closet and spare bedroom closet are going to get the full flush out - I'm hoping to be finished that by the time I have to go pick up the biggest boy from school.

After all that, I have laundry to fold and put away - truly I never feel caught up on laundry and that is SO annoying to me; hey wait Auntie Joan is in town...she's good at keeping up on laundry, maybe she'll be able to come over and do it for me ;)

Ugh, the list never stops!

If all goes as planned {ha!} I'm going to sit down this afternoon and do some scrapbooking {digi-scrap} -- I have a bazillion photos to scrap, but one of my goals this year is to get our lives scrapbooked and in the beautiful albums I have...so here's to step one!

Later tonight I've got coffee with a friend and a nice long run {pray for me; my legs are wanting to fall off my body from Zumba on Tuesday night!} --- should be a great end to my day!

Here's to getting things checked off the list and earning my keep around here ;)



: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Well we're back at Wednesday and unfortunately our weather has turned and is no longer the beautiful Spring like weather, but that's okay -- we've been blessed for the sun we've seen for the past few days!

Anyway here are the things I LOVE this week...

Jesus Calling - Kids Devotional, I heard about this devotional a while ago and fell in love with the thought of it. Then yesterday I actually got my hands on a copy and all that I heard was true! Can't wait to get my copy!

Ikea "up close" mirror - Mr. L bought me this little ditty for Christmas. See whenever we're away in a hotel I always use the magnified side for plucking my eyebrows {& stray hairs} - so he thought I could use one at home and I LOVE it, I use it every day!

Zumba class -- my girlfriend K does this class and so I've joined her for the last few weeks, super fun, super work out and I fear I'll either throw up or faint, but I seem to always make it through the class...a few pints of sweat later ;)

Barnes & Noble Owl book ends Saw these and fell in LOVE, I ordered them just the other day for $27 and just saw that the price went up to $40 again as of today -- LOVE it when I get an item on sale!

Good Bites Sandwich cutter - since my biggest little boy has gone to school he's come home with a bad habit of not eating crusts {thank you school friends - grrr} so I found one of these little fancy schmancy sandwich cutters at the dollar store, ahhhh, I'm in LOVE - such a great little tool and JJ thinks his sandwiches are the best! Win Win = LOVE!
Well, I'm off to get said biggest boy from school and then we get to have a visit from Grammie & Grampy who just arrived back from Hawaii {lucky them!} - Have a great day Lovelies!

Ps. How much do you LOVE the Starbucks Valentines day specialty design, so fun...it's the little things that make my heart leap ;)


: Tuesday Twenty-Five :

Today is another beautiful day in our neighborhood...really starting to feel like Spring.

We had a great weekend around here from overnight guests,
matinees, church and a small shindig for Superbowl, we were busy and life was full {maybe a little fuller than I am comfortable with} but fun all the same!

Today was my bi-weekly trip to the states and yesterday - ugh, yesterday I was just trying to get my bearings from the weekend..work-out, clean, empty dishwasher, pick up boys, and repeat!

I'm still trying to organize and sort through things in this house, including the boys toys etc. So today I picked up some containers that will hopefully aid in getting a grip on organization around here.

But for now, I'm going to do a list of twenty-five random things about me..'cause you know I'm just THAT interesting {

  1. we saw Tin-Tin this weekend; phenomenal movie!
  2. I do almost all of my grocery shopping in the states and save close to $400 a month {and almost always run into an fellow Canadian while shopping}
  3. my middle name is Adrianne - I used to always say "Anne with an E" when I was younger, dreaming of one day being Anne of Green Gables
  4. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, but LOVE the smell of a freshly lit cigarette
  5. I drink soda water like it's going out of style
  6. I love the color white
  7. my go to color to decorate with is green
  8. I am a traditionalist
  9. I get headaches often, but rarely state when I have one {I have one now}
  10. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 13, when I was 16 my parents told me I could get second holes if I got my learners permit. I now have 6 holes in my ears
  11. I do not enjoy Madonna or her music. However I'm fascinated with the fact that she's over 50 and just that HOT
  12. I watch weekly, TheBachelor, Greys, PrivatePractice, Tori&Dean, HouseWives -- all PVR'd to watch at my leisure {when the little fella's are sleeping}
  13. I have 2 friends that just each had a baby in the past 24 hours, both boys and both beautiful!
  14. My standard drink @ Starbucks is a grande americano with room
  15. I enjoy guy movies more than girl movies, my all time favorite is TopGun
  16. I love me a good magazine, typically a design or celebrity based magazine
  17. I have a small obsession with nautical items & monograms
  18. I enjoy running but have to work myself up to going for my runs
  19. black and white photos are my favorite
  20. Mr. L & I met at bible study, he thought I was "annoying" and tried to set me up with his best friend - hello!
  21. I have always liked shoes&purses&jewelery&nudenailpolish - I have great memories of going through all these items at my grandma's places, however I don't spend tons of time on any of these items and don't consider myself "girlie"
  22. black is the base for my wardrobe with a few colors thrown in
  23. I would rather wear a skirt than jeans
  24. I wash my hair max. 2x's per week
  25. I have no tattoos, but if I were to have one it would be a Jesus fish on my foot
There ya go, nothing fabulous -- but it's me and that's real --- and it's much harder to think of 25 things then you would think it would be ;)
Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

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