: Tuesday Twenty-Five :

Today is another beautiful day in our neighborhood...really starting to feel like Spring.

We had a great weekend around here from overnight guests,
matinees, church and a small shindig for Superbowl, we were busy and life was full {maybe a little fuller than I am comfortable with} but fun all the same!

Today was my bi-weekly trip to the states and yesterday - ugh, yesterday I was just trying to get my bearings from the weekend..work-out, clean, empty dishwasher, pick up boys, and repeat!

I'm still trying to organize and sort through things in this house, including the boys toys etc. So today I picked up some containers that will hopefully aid in getting a grip on organization around here.

But for now, I'm going to do a list of twenty-five random things about me..'cause you know I'm just THAT interesting {

  1. we saw Tin-Tin this weekend; phenomenal movie!
  2. I do almost all of my grocery shopping in the states and save close to $400 a month {and almost always run into an fellow Canadian while shopping}
  3. my middle name is Adrianne - I used to always say "Anne with an E" when I was younger, dreaming of one day being Anne of Green Gables
  4. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, but LOVE the smell of a freshly lit cigarette
  5. I drink soda water like it's going out of style
  6. I love the color white
  7. my go to color to decorate with is green
  8. I am a traditionalist
  9. I get headaches often, but rarely state when I have one {I have one now}
  10. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 13, when I was 16 my parents told me I could get second holes if I got my learners permit. I now have 6 holes in my ears
  11. I do not enjoy Madonna or her music. However I'm fascinated with the fact that she's over 50 and just that HOT
  12. I watch weekly, TheBachelor, Greys, PrivatePractice, Tori&Dean, HouseWives -- all PVR'd to watch at my leisure {when the little fella's are sleeping}
  13. I have 2 friends that just each had a baby in the past 24 hours, both boys and both beautiful!
  14. My standard drink @ Starbucks is a grande americano with room
  15. I enjoy guy movies more than girl movies, my all time favorite is TopGun
  16. I love me a good magazine, typically a design or celebrity based magazine
  17. I have a small obsession with nautical items & monograms
  18. I enjoy running but have to work myself up to going for my runs
  19. black and white photos are my favorite
  20. Mr. L & I met at bible study, he thought I was "annoying" and tried to set me up with his best friend - hello!
  21. I have always liked shoes&purses&jewelery&nudenailpolish - I have great memories of going through all these items at my grandma's places, however I don't spend tons of time on any of these items and don't consider myself "girlie"
  22. black is the base for my wardrobe with a few colors thrown in
  23. I would rather wear a skirt than jeans
  24. I wash my hair max. 2x's per week
  25. I have no tattoos, but if I were to have one it would be a Jesus fish on my foot
There ya go, nothing fabulous -- but it's me and that's real --- and it's much harder to think of 25 things then you would think it would be ;)
Happy Tuesday Lovelies!



susan said...

loved the post!

Meg Baxter said...

I love your middle name. Very exotic to me, for some reason. :)

Maguiresaunt said...

Great post!

Lyla said...

I enjoyed your list - some of which I already knew about you, and some that were brand new. btw, I think I should get credit for that awesome pic I took of you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Love you! LLL

Shawna said...

Thanks girls for all the bloglove :D

Janean Bennett said...

Okay, I just have to say, TOPGUN is a girly movie, just disguised as a boy movie. DUH. And you are one of the girliest girls I know. Also, I am totally a monogram and nautical nut myself. xo Janean

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