: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Well we're back at Wednesday and unfortunately our weather has turned and is no longer the beautiful Spring like weather, but that's okay -- we've been blessed for the sun we've seen for the past few days!

Anyway here are the things I LOVE this week...

Jesus Calling - Kids Devotional, I heard about this devotional a while ago and fell in love with the thought of it. Then yesterday I actually got my hands on a copy and all that I heard was true! Can't wait to get my copy!

Ikea "up close" mirror - Mr. L bought me this little ditty for Christmas. See whenever we're away in a hotel I always use the magnified side for plucking my eyebrows {& stray hairs} - so he thought I could use one at home and I LOVE it, I use it every day!

Zumba class -- my girlfriend K does this class and so I've joined her for the last few weeks, super fun, super work out and I fear I'll either throw up or faint, but I seem to always make it through the class...a few pints of sweat later ;)

Barnes & Noble Owl book ends Saw these and fell in LOVE, I ordered them just the other day for $27 and just saw that the price went up to $40 again as of today -- LOVE it when I get an item on sale!

Good Bites Sandwich cutter - since my biggest little boy has gone to school he's come home with a bad habit of not eating crusts {thank you school friends - grrr} so I found one of these little fancy schmancy sandwich cutters at the dollar store, ahhhh, I'm in LOVE - such a great little tool and JJ thinks his sandwiches are the best! Win Win = LOVE!
Well, I'm off to get said biggest boy from school and then we get to have a visit from Grammie & Grampy who just arrived back from Hawaii {lucky them!} - Have a great day Lovelies!

Ps. How much do you LOVE the Starbucks Valentines day specialty design, so fun...it's the little things that make my heart leap ;)


Lisa B. said...

That book is a great little devo for the kids....the girls have it and love it...I'm sure J & C will love it just as much!
Here's hoping Grammy and Grampy brought back some Hawaiian sun in their suitcases :-)

Keri's Collage... said...

I used to trick one of mine into eating the crusts by cutting the sandwich with a giant star cookie cutter and putting the whole thing in her lunch. She would eat the outside first and then the star 'one point at a time'. It's worth a try!!

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