: BlaBla Thursday :

Thursdays are my "home days" I just have to go out for two things on Thursdays - dropoff&pickup of the biggest boy. No in and out of the house, no need for groceries or stopping off at the store for misc. items...all that was done on Tuesday, so today I get the joy of feeling like the Mama of little ones who doesn't live in her car being the "mom taxi" and I revel in it! I started my morning off enjoying fresh flowers {thanks to Auntie Joan}, coffee and time in the word..but I couldn't decide what I wanted to read {devotional/bible/themessage etc.} so kinda spattered a little between them all - HA, what a dork I am!

So today I'm trying to accomplish {finally} cleaning out under our ensuite sinks...not that they were not clean, they just were not organized. When we moved in all of our toiletries were in baskets which worked fine in the suite & our old house, but this house - not so much. So I've bought containers to help contain the unruly toiletries as nothing annoys me more than having random items all over the place, especially in the morning when all of us are trying to get ready!

Then that darn linen closet and spare bedroom closet are going to get the full flush out - I'm hoping to be finished that by the time I have to go pick up the biggest boy from school.

After all that, I have laundry to fold and put away - truly I never feel caught up on laundry and that is SO annoying to me; hey wait Auntie Joan is in town...she's good at keeping up on laundry, maybe she'll be able to come over and do it for me ;)

Ugh, the list never stops!

If all goes as planned {ha!} I'm going to sit down this afternoon and do some scrapbooking {digi-scrap} -- I have a bazillion photos to scrap, but one of my goals this year is to get our lives scrapbooked and in the beautiful albums I have...so here's to step one!

Later tonight I've got coffee with a friend and a nice long run {pray for me; my legs are wanting to fall off my body from Zumba on Tuesday night!} --- should be a great end to my day!

Here's to getting things checked off the list and earning my keep around here ;)


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