:: Join me for my morning coffee :: :: Last night I hosted the "Happy Housewives" at our place...I (along with Lisa.B & Kristin's help) organized a card making night. There were 4 different stations and each person got to make 3 cards per station. I think it was a great success, everybody said they enjoyed themselves at least! ::
:: Here are some of my cards that I made ::

:: I also made Strawberry shortcake with frozen yogurt & whipping cream, and since I had some extra time in the afternoon I decided to dip some of the strawberries...mmm, so yummy! ::

:: In other news, I have a pile of dirt for a front yard...over the weekend Paul ordered up 5 yards of soil and then bought some fertilizer & seed to give us some new beautiful grass (hopefully it will grow quick with all the rain we have had and now the wonderful sunshine we get to enjoy through the end of the week!) ::

:: Here is my pretty little garden that I don't really get to enjoy since we are trying to grow grass...oh well, there is always next year :) ::


:: She said YES! ::

:: On Saturday night we celebrated Jen & Michael's engagement...there were just a few of us so it was a nice relaxed night to celebrate their engagement. Here are some pictures from the night (there are none of Jacob as he was all partied out from his girlfriends birthday) ::
:: The happy couple ::
:: Dad, Michael, Jennifer & Mum ::
:: Jennifer announced her pregnancy to the family on Saturday as well, she is 14 weeks along (as of last Friday) so our babies will be 3 months apart! It's very fun going through pregnancy together :) ::
:: Here is a picture of Jennifer's belly and Michael joined in on the fun! ::

:: A self portrait...typical Paul & Shawna style! ::
:: Congratulations Jen & Michael...can't wait for the big day! ::

:: Happy 3rd Birthday Miss. M ::

:: On Saturday we celebrated Madelyne's 3rd birthday (this is the first birthday we have been around for...other than her actual birth-day, three years ago). We had a great time and the little birthday girl did too! She had a great day and got lots of big girl presents, ate some great food & candy and spent time with all her little friends ::
:: The Birthday Girl :::: The Ice Cream Cone Cup-Cakes :::: Little Sister Emma :: :: Aunty Jo & Baby Jacob (Madelyne is one of Jacob's favorite people!) :::: Madelyne thanking everyone for their gifts ::
:: The "Parent" Lounge ::
:: The table with all the kids ::
:: Madelyne's gifts and her cute little chair that Grandpa Tom made to go with her table, how cute is that! ::

:: Juliet's Stagette ::

:: I attended my friend, Juliet's stagette on Friday - We went to The Nail Bar on South Granville, for mani/pedi's and then dressed Juliet up in the finest outfit and headed to Pacific Center, she had to do a treasure hunt of sorts (if you can call getting chest hair of a strange man a treasure hunt???) ~ she was a great sport! After the treasure hunt we headed back to South Granville for dinner and then on to La Ve En Rose to buy some sweet pieces of lingerie for the bride...a great time was had by all! (Thanks Mom & Dad for taking care of Jacob for the day!)::
:: Rainy South Granville ::
:: Juliet in her first outfit @ the Nail Bar prior to heading to Pacific Center :: :: The Bride & her Gals - Less two that live out of town :::: Juliet getting chest hair from a stranger :::: Juliet found another Paul to have a picture taken with :::: Juliet singing "Going to the Chapel" in front of the Granville Theatre :::: My toes ::
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