:: Juliet's Stagette ::

:: I attended my friend, Juliet's stagette on Friday - We went to The Nail Bar on South Granville, for mani/pedi's and then dressed Juliet up in the finest outfit and headed to Pacific Center, she had to do a treasure hunt of sorts (if you can call getting chest hair of a strange man a treasure hunt???) ~ she was a great sport! After the treasure hunt we headed back to South Granville for dinner and then on to La Ve En Rose to buy some sweet pieces of lingerie for the bride...a great time was had by all! (Thanks Mom & Dad for taking care of Jacob for the day!)::
:: Rainy South Granville ::
:: Juliet in her first outfit @ the Nail Bar prior to heading to Pacific Center :: :: The Bride & her Gals - Less two that live out of town :::: Juliet getting chest hair from a stranger :::: Juliet found another Paul to have a picture taken with :::: Juliet singing "Going to the Chapel" in front of the Granville Theatre :::: My toes ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

What a great sport that Juliet is! Looks like you all had a great time....and your toes look great for all that tromping around they did on new pedi's!!!

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