:: Join me for my morning coffee :: :: Last night I hosted the "Happy Housewives" at our place...I (along with Lisa.B & Kristin's help) organized a card making night. There were 4 different stations and each person got to make 3 cards per station. I think it was a great success, everybody said they enjoyed themselves at least! ::
:: Here are some of my cards that I made ::

:: I also made Strawberry shortcake with frozen yogurt & whipping cream, and since I had some extra time in the afternoon I decided to dip some of the strawberries...mmm, so yummy! ::

:: In other news, I have a pile of dirt for a front yard...over the weekend Paul ordered up 5 yards of soil and then bought some fertilizer & seed to give us some new beautiful grass (hopefully it will grow quick with all the rain we have had and now the wonderful sunshine we get to enjoy through the end of the week!) ::

:: Here is my pretty little garden that I don't really get to enjoy since we are trying to grow grass...oh well, there is always next year :) ::


Nickie said...

Is Happy Housewives a club or something?

Shawna said...

Yes Yes, it is a group (not club, haha) of 12 "housewives" and we get together each month for a childless/husbandless night out.

Each month one of us hosts the night. So there is 12 months and 12 housewives so it works out perfect. We bring $20.00 for the night out and at the end of the night a name gets drawn out of a hat as to who will host the next month and they also get the $120.00 to spend on themselves.

The other $120.00 gets put towards the night out...I got to spend it on paper and craft supplies but I could have done anything from 2 games of bowling, renting chick-flicks, going out for dessert etc. It's nice to have a good budget because depending on what we end up doing we may need it!

So last night each housewife left with 12 cards for $10.00 so each card would have been less than buying them at the dollar store! It was great fun, everybody got to put their own personal touch on them as well.

Lisa B. said...

It was a fantastic night! The cards are beautiful and the company and conversation was a blast.

Good Job Mrs. Laderoute!


Jennifer said...

What did you end up buying for yourself??

Shawna said...

Arg...that was the question of the night.

I got a pedicure:
Preggo Top:
White Purse:
Crop-a-dial (gromet setter for scrapbooking):

So I still have $20.00 lingering in my wallet...maybe I will find something to treat myself to tomorrow when I head down to the states!

Canadian Kristin said...

Your cards turned out terrific!!! VERY fun idea!

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