:: Happy 3rd Birthday Miss. M ::

:: On Saturday we celebrated Madelyne's 3rd birthday (this is the first birthday we have been around for...other than her actual birth-day, three years ago). We had a great time and the little birthday girl did too! She had a great day and got lots of big girl presents, ate some great food & candy and spent time with all her little friends ::
:: The Birthday Girl :::: The Ice Cream Cone Cup-Cakes :::: Little Sister Emma :: :: Aunty Jo & Baby Jacob (Madelyne is one of Jacob's favorite people!) :::: Madelyne thanking everyone for their gifts ::
:: The "Parent" Lounge ::
:: The table with all the kids ::
:: Madelyne's gifts and her cute little chair that Grandpa Tom made to go with her table, how cute is that! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

Looks like a great celebration of "3"!!!!! Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Canadian Kristin said...
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