:: The US of A ::

:: Today we went to the USA to find some deals with Matt & Lisa and the girls - Here are some pictures from the day! It was a beautiful one at that!!! ::

:: Here is my view while waiting at the border crossing and today Paul actually picked the "fast" line (*You know how you never know which line to pick!!?!? Well, my honey did good today!) ::
:: Matt & Lisa behind us in the border line...they are laughing at me for taking pictures :P ::
:: Self portrait a la Paul & Shawna ::
:: Mr. Jacob waiting ever so patiently in the fabby sun for us to get moving again! :::: Once we were over the border this is what we saw ~ Beautiful farms, trees and Mountains ::
:: Blogger isn't letting me post any more pictures so I will be back to try and post the rest of them along with the deals we got today :) ::
I tried to post more pictures on another post but Blogger still won't let me do it, so I will try again tomorrow, so stay tuned!


:: Girls Night In ::

:: Well last night was the first (of many, I'm sure) that I opened up our home to have girls in to scrap, stamp and enjoy the sweet treats! I had a great time with Amanda, Lisa & Kristin - Lisa and I were surrounded by two hard core scrappers, Kristin & Amanda. Both of them showed up with case loads and I mean cases of scrap stuff ~ It was truly inspiring and stirred many new ideas in my head. I only accomplished 4 pages in my now 8 page scrapbook, as you can tell I am not hard core at all! Here are some pics from the blessed event :) ::
:: Sugar cookies - Jacob helped me with these by banging a pot the whole time I was icing them, what a great help (yeah right) ::
:: The coffe table full of treats ::
:: Lisa and Amanda getting into the scrap session ::
:: Grapes and my chewy Ginger Snaps ::
:: Kristin taking a moment to feed Mr. Connor - Do you see the scrap mess :) ::


:: See so he does look like me! ::

:: It's weird how Jacob looks so much like Paul right now but from baby pictures he looks so much like me! Ha, I told you I was his Mama! ::


:: Down ::

-1 lbs

:: Getting Ready for Palm Springs ::

I have made our list and I am starting to gather all of the stuff we need for flying down to Palm Springs ~ You have to start these things early when you have a little one following you around the house!
I found this free event that happens in Old Palm Springs:

Every Thursday night from 6-10p.m. October-May. 7-10 p.m. June-September except holidays, glamorous Palm Canyon Drive becomes an old fashioned street fair, musicians, food, arts and crafts vendors, and a Farmers Market. Between Amado and Baristo Roads.
I think this is the thing you were talking about Kristin
It is currently 70 degrees in Palm Springs today and they are expecting it to get to the mid 70's by tomorrow...that gives me hope that it will be at least 70 when we get there in March!!!!
I can't wait :)

:: Life is Crazy ::

It’s a crazy life – we or should I say "I" have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off…although I may not look like it, that is what I feel like!

This last week has been full of wonderful things but very busy all the same! On Thursday night I went out to Starbucks with my dear friend Juliet to catch up with her which was far over due! So I missed Grey’s Anatomy – but I was sure to get Paul to tape it for me J Then Friday came and went…I cleaned the house in the morning then went out to Wal-Mart to look for a new tankini with Lisa & the girls. Once we returned home from Wal-Mart we went out to run a few other errands then came home to bake a cake and prepare for Shawn & Kristin as they were coming over for a visit and a game of sequence.

We had a wonderful night with them enjoying their company and Kristin’s sense of humor – she cracks me up, I love it! I thought I would stay up and watch the taped version of Grey’s since I had three phone calls that day from friends inquiring as to my thoughts about Grey’s but since I didn’t watch it, I told them to keep it on the down-low. But once Shawn & Kris left I was too pooped to watch it so I just headed to bed.

On Saturday we woke up and I decided that I would sit down and watch Grey’s (all of the build up was killing me) so at 8:45 am I sit down to watch it and eat my breakfast when the phone rings – It’s Ester from the church, she wanted to know if I could baby sit for a Cell Refresh day that was being held for all of the Cell leaders at church. So Jacob and I pack up and leave Grey’s on hold for yet another day. We spend the better portion of the day at the church which was a long but super fun day. After all the kids went to their respective parents Matt & Lisa invited us over for the evening. So Paul met us there and we hung out at their house for the evening playing balderdash by dictionary – we had a great time watching Matt try and write his definition…it was a hoot!

Sunday we headed out to church then met up with my parents and their friends Lois & Terry for lunch at Montana’s. After that we headed home, put Jacob down for a nap, and I finally watched the full episode of Grey’s – Yes, it made me cry like a baby! But it was oh so good! I then made some double chocolate chip cookies and played around with my scrapping stuff

Lisa & Reuben came over for the afternoon and we played a couple games of sequence which yes the girls won!!! Once they left Paul and I relaxed on the couch watching “Sahara” and ate a wonderful dinner of roasted veg and chicken that Paul prepared for us. I made a few cards and we watched “The Apprentice” then off to bed for us.

Yesterday….what did I do yesterday – oh right, I had a few things to return to Wal-Mart and Superstore so I did that then went for a run on my parents tread mill while my Dad watched Jacob. Then we came home and I was feeling like I had a major head cold coming on so I rested and then had a shower. I felt better after the shower but not 100%. Then once Paul arrived home we had dinner and got ready to head out the door to Cell. We had a great night at Cell visiting with everyone. Kristin brought her jolly jumper for Jacob to borrow so once he wakes from his nap I will take some pictures of him in and see if he likes it or not!

:: Pictures to follow ::
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