:: The US of A ::

:: Today we went to the USA to find some deals with Matt & Lisa and the girls - Here are some pictures from the day! It was a beautiful one at that!!! ::

:: Here is my view while waiting at the border crossing and today Paul actually picked the "fast" line (*You know how you never know which line to pick!!?!? Well, my honey did good today!) ::
:: Matt & Lisa behind us in the border line...they are laughing at me for taking pictures :P ::
:: Self portrait a la Paul & Shawna ::
:: Mr. Jacob waiting ever so patiently in the fabby sun for us to get moving again! :::: Once we were over the border this is what we saw ~ Beautiful farms, trees and Mountains ::
:: Blogger isn't letting me post any more pictures so I will be back to try and post the rest of them along with the deals we got today :) ::
I tried to post more pictures on another post but Blogger still won't let me do it, so I will try again tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Lisa B. said...

I think you should do a scrapbook comprised only of the self portraits you and Paul have taken of yourself over the years! I'm sure you have a billion.

Cutie couple - that's for sure!

Canadian Kristin said...

Great idea Lisa!!! Sounds like a you guys had a great day....can't wait to hear of the deals you found!!!

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